Because I'm sure you love you some blurry iPad pics

Have I mentioned that I lost my digital camera, again, some more? I did. I left it in Logan over Thanksgiving and no one has been able to find it. So all my pictures are crappy.

What is not crappy, though, is the one little corner of the house where I just went ahead and dumped Christmas all over it.

And that is called festive. Go me.

Am afraid to take a picture of the tree because the alien satellite star on the top has started doing this weird flicker loop thing. It's probably initiated its countdown sequence, and I should expect either detonation or little green men shortly.

Our neighbors are moving this weekend so I offered to take their baby while they clean their apartment and stuff. The Tiny Dark Lord was thrilled to have some eligible female company for breakfast. Check out the eyes he's making at her:

Then they played all adorably in the living room while TDL bopped to Ella Fitzgerald's Swinging Christmas. He even decided to be a sharer when he saw little B trying to chew on a plastic toy--he took it out of her hand and then pressed it into her face. Way to help there, guy. He loved our neighbor baby slightly less though when they both got tired and cranky and wanted to be held at the same time. Then his eyes were full of suspicion and his hands were full of shoves. But for this one second they are both asleep except for the part where TDL totally isn't but I'm ignoring that.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! My plans for tonight include baking sugar cookies and maybe driving through the lights at Thanksgiving Point. What about yours?

ps. Not to sound like those crazies who run around yelling about the War on Christmas and freaking out about the abbreviation Xmas (hint: it's not actually disrespectful), but why bother calling them "Holiday Lights," Thanksgiving Point? I mean, we all know to which holiday you refer. Unless you are about to prove me wrong and have Hanukkah and Kwanzaa lights up too, in which case I take it back.


CoolBoy said... [reply]

Hey, don't go see the lights tonight. We'll go with you tomorrow; only have to pay halvesies.

That may or may not be proper use of a semicolon. Either way, it made me feel better about writing a fragment.

WV: boogro. I wonder if it's a boogro that's making my nose tickle right now.

Brniestone said... [reply]

I don't know how awesome the lights at Thanksgiving Point are, but Spanish Fork's light show is pretty sweet, and it's only $5 a car. It's the kind of thing that's pretty kitchy (like, lighted frogs trying to catch flies with their tongues), but even so everyone in the car can't help but smile from ear to ear and oooh and aaaah about them. For what it's worth.

Emilie said... [reply]

Hi....so, I'm one of those blog stalker people that have read your blog for.ev.er, but never comment. So Hi.

ANYWAY, I saw these on pinterest and thought of you


Nemesis said... [reply]

Um, wow. Bite-sized Baked Bries? Emilie, that is amazing and shall forever be my favorite kind of lollipop. Thank you!!!

Brinestone, I've heard good things about SF's light show too, but we decided to stick closer to home this year. Next year we'll have to switch off!

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