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Our Christmas card

Today is for last-minute groceries, cleaning, packing, and then tomorrow the fun begins! Things I am looking forward to:

Christmas Eve brunch with my siblings and their families. Coolboy and Aubrey are making Double Chocolate Waffles with Berry Sauce so . . . yeah. Sorry about everybody else's lesser breakfasts.

Christmas in Logan with my in-laws, who are wonderful. I really lucked out.

Watching the Dark Lord sweat through church adorably in his Christmas Sweater.

my version of Keane Toddler Vest

The Cheeseball.

Talking to Spitfire in a massive family webcam conference courtesy of Google Hangouts. My dad has warned all of us though that this is MOM'S phone call, not ours. So I guess we are supposed to just sit silently and listen and not be a distraction. I can do that. I'll just sit silently and listen with an awesome baby in my lap who points and giggles. Hah.

Boxing Day Brunch with friends. I called drinks and am going to do juice and a hot chocolate bar (but the Wal-Mart kind, not the Pottery Barn kind. Except it probably won't even be as nice as Wal-Mart. Whatever mismatched paper bowls and cups and baggies are--that's the kind it will be.)

Staying one night at the Anniversary Inn--my mother-in-law has a great coupon and agreed to watch TDL for us. Hope GH is not insulted that the thing I'm getting the most hot and bothered over is the prospect of sleeping in (oh my gosh actual sleeping in!) on their king-sized MyComfort Intelli-gel bed. Mmmmmmmm . . .

I hope you all have a wonderful, peaceful, love-filled Christmas!


westcoastsoul said... [reply]

That sweater vest is so stinking cute!

Saxon said... [reply]

just love that christmas card :-)

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