Who even knew I was married to an undercover Mr. Clean?

(Note: Our conversation begins with me berating GH for the wet spot on the bathroom floor after his shower (which was after my shower), because I'm into ceaseless pin-pricking like that.)

GH: Whatever, the floor was wet when I got in here. I think that was the longest shower you've ever taken.

Me: Huh? I didn't take a long shower. I was in there scrubbing the bathtub beforehand.

GH: Oh. Well that's what I'm doing in there too.

Me: What?

GH: Scrubbing the bathtub. Before I shower.

Me: You scrub the bathtub.

GH: Yep! Every time.

Me: Oh yeah? Where do we keep the scrubber?

GH: I don't know. I buy my own.

Me: Uh huh. And what color is the shower cleaner?

GH: Green.

Me: Green, really? (It's blue.)

GH: The one I buy, for myself, is green.

Me: Nice.

Second Note: two days after transcribing the above, I rushed into the bathroom to answer my phone which was for some reason sitting on the dryer that doesn't work. My right foot found another GH shower puddle and flew out from under me and I almost died but managed to catch myself on the tub.

So yeah. It's not nagging if somebody could die.



Ana said... [reply]

Preach it.
I'm SO with you on this. Wet spots/puddles on the Bathroom or Kitchen floor are deathtraps waiting to happen.

Bridget said... [reply]

Darn, I thought you were going to say you opened a cupboard a few days later and found his special shower scrub brush and some green shower cleaner.

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