The Challenge: Winter Edition

Remember that one time when the fabulous Kayla from Freckles in April hosted a 21 Day Challenge? And how I did it and it helped me get back in the world of thinking about clothing as something that can be fun and good-looking rather than simply one more surface on which to wipe/drool/vomit the bodily fluids of others and possibly self?

Well. She's doing another one, and this time it's only 10 days long.

Freckles in April

It runs from January 23rd to February 3rd, and the weekends are free. (Awesome.) No points, no prizes, it's just for kicks. I think 10 days will be the perfect amount of time--long enough to have fun with it, not long enough to get burned out. And I'm excited that she's doing a winter one, because one of my problems back in the summer was it was just so darn warm that the thought of belts and scarves and layers gave me hot flashes. And vapors. And whatever else super-refined Southern women get.

So. This should bring a little joy into our hum-drum January lives, I think. Who's with me?


brinestone said... [reply]

I'll be doing it but probably not posting pictures.

Kayla said... [reply]

I love you for posting about it.

emandtrev said... [reply]

Maybe? (Trying to think if I could actually do it--and do it without embarrassing myself). :)

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