I kind of want to lick the inside of my oven right now

Except I am going to wait on that, because I just cleaned it with super toxic oven cleaner and there are still fumes and I don't want to get brain damag(der). 

I am curious about what kind of individuals made up the group who got together and brainstormed about stovetop/oven colors and the absolute best idea they could come up with was to pair mustard yellow and baby blue. So gross. (The outside is yellow, the inside is blue.)

As part of my Intentional Living plans, Wednesday is Kitchen Day. In a fit of above-and-beyondness (and also because it needed to be done so, so, so very badly) I cleaned the oven and bleached the sinks. My sinks are porcelain, which means they have black spots all over from where the surface has been scratched and chipped by 30 years of abuse and I know not what. But now my sink is white and black as opposed to being white, black, and brown. It's the equivalent of a clean zebra as opposed to a zebra who has been rolling around in his own crap. (Note: my apologies to zebras if that's something you would never, ever do, and if what I just said is deeply offense.)

Am also working on the kitchen floor linoleum, except I keep finding conflicting information about what method is best for getting out the ground-in dirt I've mentioned before:

Use ammonia
Never use ammonia
Use a scrub brush
Except don't
Go buy some hard-core stuff
Never use anything stronger than dish soap
Strip the floors
The entire world will die if you strip the floors

Come ON, Internet. Get your dang story straight. Have almost decided to go with the white vinegar + hot water + scrub brush idea and will just have to ignore the minority who insist all those things are the equivalent of puppy murder.

Anybody done anything today you're proud of? (And please don't say that you read the entire Book of Mormon or saved a troubled youth or something because then I'll feel lame.)

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Janssen said... [reply]

What if I read the whole BoM AND saved a troubled youth?

I guess I'll just have to go share on Facebook instead. . .

Amber said... [reply]

I found a sitter for my three little ones and dragged myself to second grade to volunteer with math time. Oh.... wondering what you think of season two of Downton Abby? Did you watch it Sunday?

Anna B said... [reply]

soft scrub. it's like magic.

Emily said... [reply]

Holy Cow degreaser cleaner stuff. It's biodegradable and stuff, and it actually works.

Anne said... [reply]

One of my Webelos gave my den chief a cut and a bruise before stealing his hat and then climbing out the Primary room window. I heart my calling! (Repeat until true.). My good deed is not going crazy on said Webelo...although maybe that would help.

AmyJane said... [reply]

Well...after an entire day of no getting anything done Went all crazy on every closet in the house and filled the entire back of the van with goodwill bags. Best feeling ever. Of course, I now have to wait the mandatory three day period before dropping the stuff off to make sure I didn't take the whole "simple life" thing too far....

Liz Johnson said... [reply]

I ate Ramen noodles for breakfast and then sat in a puddle of shame.

Not really proud of it, but I thought it would help you feel even better about your awesomeness. :)

Nemesis said... [reply]


If you did both those things then you get a million gold stars. Some stars shall, however, be deducted for the Facebook flaunt, sorry . . .

elliespen said... [reply]

I made it out of bed, got dressed and even (gasp) went to the bank. I'm basically a rock star.

MJG said... [reply]

I signed up for FlyLady.com emails, which are supposedly guaranteed to help one be organized and keep one's abode reasonably clean. You should do it, too, as you have already completed step one, which is to shine your sink. Oh, and I fed my baby a peanut butter and honey burrito, thereby becoming the best mom ever.

Erica said... [reply]

After many, many weeks of waking up, turning off my alarm, and then going back to sleep for another hour, I finally went to the gym BEFORE work. Yeah, I'm pretty darn proud.

North Meets South

Bebe McGooch said... [reply]

Ah! Just saw this new post.

Now it's time to clean my oven. Which I don't think I've ever really cleaned. We haven't lived here long. Not long at all, just maybe close to five years. A perfectly good waiting time between oven cleanings. Right? Right.

Again, I bear testimony of my steam mop. The end.

Dave and Gina said... [reply]

Pretty proud of myself for getting my kids dressed and their hair done today. I have 4 girls 4 and under, so that doesn't happen everyday.

Señora H-B said... [reply]

The laundry? It is (mostly) put away. Everything is FOLDED, though. And that, my friend, is a victory.

Also, Mr. H-B took out 3 of the 5 MASSIVE bags of trash that accumulated during our convalescence, puppy caring, and end of year cleaning frenzy. Hooray!

Maggie said... [reply]

I let my daughter go to preschool dressed as Mini mouse (ears and all) because that was the only way we were getting out of the house. I made it out of the house!

Anonymous said... [reply]

You cleaned your house! With a toddler! You rock - I am single with no kids and can't get it together to do that much. One tip for your floor - if the water is too hot, it could cause it to peel. Vinegar and a scrub brush are a great idea.

daltongirl said... [reply]

I usually just vacuum out the giant charred blobs of shtuff that's baked on the bottom of my oven. I only do this after it gets so bad that I can't take anything out without having it taste like cigarette butts.

Over at our house we use an entire gallon of that concentrated floor cleaner the kids from the projects fly out here to sell door-to-door. That's one gallon per mopping. It costs us about $300 a month to keep the floor clean, but it's totally worth it. Next I'm going to teach the kids to read instructions. Wish me luck.

And way back on the 11th (catching up on blog reading today) I went to a library board meeting where I lamented the fact that none of the applicants were you.

Missusclark said... [reply]

Armstrong New Beginnings. Then use Future to wax the floor. It will never get as dirty again. Don't use Soft Scrub--too abrasive.

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