Day 3: Embrace a trend

Hah. Was totally ready for this one because I have a pair of new earrings that are actually and for reals big.

Haven't really gone there since middle school when I had a pair of dangly hologram-looking earrings that made me feel like Jem. (Note: I wasn't, nor would I now wish to be. That girl was messed up, all stealing her boyfriend away from herself and stuff. Even when I was nine years old I was like, "Wait. Why is nobody mad that Rio is kissing on two girls? HE doesn't know they are both the same person. Also he has purple facial stubble. Who has purple facial stubble?"

Man that show was awesome.

ANYway, when you combined sweet President Hinckley's grandpa-like counsel for ladies to restrain from wearing more than "a single pair of modest earrings" and my general insecurity about how to pull off something bigger than a stud without looking like somebody from Jersey Shore, it made for a whole lot of boring.

But no more, friends! Behold:

Earrings were a gift from my mom. Thanks Mom!

Am participating in Kayla's 10-day Challenge


goddessdivine said... [reply]

That show ruled all!!

That earring is the perfect size: Not too big, not too small. (It's just right. ;0) Seriously. I see girls with ginormous (heavy) earrings and I wonder how the sucker doesn't rip right through the ear. Maybe it's just a matter of time.

There is such a thing as too much, ladies.

PS: Ha! Word ver: dissinon (Dissin'-On)

Science Teacher Mommy said... [reply]

The first weekend I went away to college I got one of my ears pierced twice. My roommate and I got a discount that way because she only got one also. I loved it and wore it all through my mission and everything. Then I came home and there was that talk . . . in which I assumed the prophet wasn't talking to me and then my mother-in-law mentioned something about it and I've never worn it since. I still look at the scarred hole sometimes and sigh. I really did love that cute little sign of minor rebellion and independence.

And for a low maintenance girl, I sure love me some big ol' earrings.

Amy said... [reply]

They are beautiful! Big earrings scare me, too. I once bought a pair at Forever 21, wore them on a date w/ my husband and took them off halfway through because I felt so self-conscious. I love following your blog!

Elsha said... [reply]

Very nice earrings! I went the opposite direction and asked for studs for Christmas. I have a whole bunch of pretty dangly earrings, but never wear them for fear my toddler people will yank on them.

Jenny said... [reply]

I LOVED Jem, I can't believe you didn't want to be her. I don't even know you anymore. I still have my Jem doll clothes mixed in with the barbie clothes even though they are too big.

Love the earrings.

Sherry said... [reply]

I almost went with big earrings as my trendy thing, but I've been wearing them for a while and really wanted to try something newish to me. (So I wore a scarf.)

Also, just fed my kid a whole wheat tortilla with roasted red pepper hummus. He loved it. Thanks for the suggestion.

Kayla said... [reply]

Oooh, pretty! And not a trend I had thought of. Good choice!

Freckles in April

emandtrev said... [reply]

I can pretty much just say "Ditto" to everything STM said. I had a second hole in my right ear and I loved every single second I had it. I was sitting in a church house listening to that talk by President Hinckley and gained the instant respect of my soon-to-hubby (he was sitting by my side during the talk) when I took it out. I still kinda miss it, but that's okay! It was just a phase! :)

I embraced the big earrings, but still love the smaller studs. Earrings tend to be my only jewelry besides my wedding ring, so I don't mind going big there. And I loved Jem. She was truly outrageous!!

preethi said... [reply]

Ooh, those earrings are so pretty!

lace, etc.

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