Day 6: Decade or Region

I actually had a really cool 1980s-inspired outfit planned, but then I realized that I wanted to save the top half for Thursday's upcoming "Open to Interpretation" challenge. And then I ended up having one of those "let's get up at the crack of dawn and drive all over the place doing doctor's appointments and errands and also let's have the Dark Lord catch a cold and start leaking green brains out his nose right this second and wheeeh!!!" days.

(Note to D, who kindly watched my suddenly-diseased child for the morning: I am so, so, so, so sorry. I really, really hope he did not infect your kids. So sorry.)

So I just wore the cleanest stuff I could easily throw on. BUT. I still remembered these:

These bracelets were a Christmas gift from GH. He got them from an Etsy store and they're made from knitting needles! Something about the plastic and the colors says 1980s to me, don't you think?

Am participating in Kayla's 10 Day Challenge


Anne said... [reply]

I actually know where my NKOTB snap bracelet is if you'd like that for your next 80's day.

I should really do one of this challenges. You're inspiring. Right now my rule is "No exercise pants and sweatshirts allowed".

preethi said... [reply]

How cool are those bracelets??

Also, it is amazing to me how quickly kids can go from being perfectly healthy to leaking green brains.

lace, etc.

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