Day 7: Winter Brights

I'm too late to link this one up over on Kayla's blog, but I did do it! I'm good at dressing up, I'm just really, really bad at getting pictures that day. So today is the day where I put on a whole bunch of dirty clothes and take some pictures. Yee haw.

Also, as a special supergreat bonus, I am going to tell you what went on during the days where I wear each outfit.

Monday's 1980s-inspired outfit happened on the day when I drove up to Farmington to visit one of the chiropractors at the Advanced Health Clinic. They practice something called Chiropractic Muscle Activation, where they use acupressure to re-activate muscles that have gone wonky. Back when poor GH was in a ton of pain from sciatica stuff and we had spent just about all our money on doctors and painkillers and physical therapists and massage therapists and every other thing under the sun, a relative recommended this clinic and they were the ones who fixed him.

So. Fast-forward to last week, when I was the one visiting a physical therapist. During the evaluation she noted that some of my muscles seemed to be "off-line" and weren't working the way they were supposed to. When I explained this to GH later, he reminded me that we know somebody who knows how to get your muscles working again. And all we have to do is give him all of our moneys.

Tuesday was Day 7: Winter Brights.

First I dug out my green sweater from its storage bin. I like the sweater but do not like the way it fits on my post-baby tummy. Too bad, as it is quite bright. Switched to this instead:

J.Crew sweater, Old Navy Jeans, Shade shirt,

I bought this scarf at a street market in downtown Pittsburgh in September and I think it is very cheery. I, on the other hand, do not seem very cheery in this shot. Seriously, must remember to use lip gloss. Or tallow. Or bacon grease. Something.

This was the day the Tiny Dark Lord had a cold. I bought some of those Booger Wipes you recommended during the last bout of illness and wow, they really are kind of awesome. Instead of clawing at me and twisting like a deranged tiger, as per usual, TDL sat and bore these wipes with a sort of wary dignity. We made it through the day by watching Signing Time DVDs and not napping at all ever.


Brinestone said... [reply]

Wow, it seems like you've had a rough week. I love love love your scarf and want to know how to tie it like that. Of course, I don't have a scarf long enough for that sort of tie, but I can remedy that someday.

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