Day 9: Open to Interpretation

Thursday's challenge I was excited about because I knew what I wanted to do. The Tiny Dark Lord was pretty well over his cold, there were no electrodes or alignments scheduled, I had a date to meet up with my dear friend Jaime and her little boy at a certain local library, things were looking up.

This is the inspiration prompt Kayla used, and we were supposed to do our own take on it:

Old Navy sweater, Gap shirt, Old Navy jeans
bracelet from my mom, Franklin Covey bag

Here was my version, and you'll have to trust that it looked much better yesterday when the clothes were clean and unwrinkled and so was I. I really liked the way it looked and even got compliments. (Now I know this is something I can do with the green sweater to make it fit better.)

So yeah. Great outfit day. Had a lovely visit with Jaime, headed home to put TDL down for a nap, annnd then my car died. And stayed dead.

I really am grateful that it died right at my house instead of waiting until I was on the freeway speeding to work, which is where I would have been if it weren't for the extra outing that morning. Definitely included that one in my prayers.


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