Happy Valentine's Day

We were kind of backwards about Valentine's Day this year. The only real celebrating done that day was when I took the Tiny Dark Lord on an outing to Flour Girls and Dough Boys. He is finally getting over the awfulness that was his cold and we were both ready to get out of the house. He is still as clingy as an anaconda, though, and after a week of holding his 25+ pound self nonstop (and no, nobody else could hold him, ever, lest he summon the rest of the Nazgul) I may need a chiropractor to fix my now hunched and misshapen body. I probably look like an orc all hobbling around and asking about news from Mordor. (Wow, check me out with my LotR references. I just get hotter, you know?)

We're actually going out to celebrate tonight, since this is the night when we have a babysitter (thanks, Auntie Jen!). I know she won't be phased by the hysterical screeching that will surely happen when we leave, which is of great comfort. Plus she already knows a little something about Tolkien babies. I'm just saying.

Tonight's plan is dinner at Restaurant Forte at Utah Valley University (previously known as Greg's Restaurant, which you may have seen me mention a time or two). GH bought me a gift certificate good for "Dinner for Two" as a Christmas gift, and now I'm cashing it in. It's Japanese night, and I'm excited. Plus we have a few friends joining us, so we will have things to talk about other than our baby's napping habits and the current color of his snot.

It is on!

Happy weekend, friends!


Jenny said... [reply]

Baby Hudson says he has pretty hair.

emandtrev said... [reply]

I'm glad the TDL is getting better. Sickness is never fun, but especially with babies--it's just sad.

I hope you post about your dinner. It sounds great!

Bebe McGooch said... [reply]

Hope you had a great time! And glad to hear TDL is on the mend.

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