Instead of picking up the living room . . .

. . . I am blogging. Just wanted to throw out a few recent highlights:

The Tiny Dark Lord's curls, which are multiplying. He thinks it's funny when I mist his hair with water and yes maybe sometimes my expensive Bumble & Bumble curl reactivating spray, so that's good. Of course, five minutes later he thinks it is funny to smear fistfuls of sun-dried-tomato-flavored hummus into said hair. This is less good.

TDL's first trip to Aggie Ice Cream last weekend. He was more interested in my chocolate ice cream cone than he was in his own scoop of strawberry, which just shows his excellent taste. GH's favorite flavor is Aggie Blue Mint, which normally I would shun because blue foods = unholy and wrong, but this stuff actually is pretty good.

Finally got in to see the lady in Cache Valley who does my hair. She is worth the drive, I tell you. Plus there are baby farm animals at her house, which I feel adds immeasurable value to the experience of getting de-dusty-bat-pooped-rooted.

Also, do you like my cowl? I knitted that thing.

We had a birthday party in honor of Spitfire, complete with crepes, fruit, zucchini bread, and fizzy lemonade.  It would have been better with here there in person, but since that wasn't really an option we had to make do with her balloon likeness. Happy birthday, Spitfire!


Missy W. said... [reply]

I am glad to know there are others out there who enjoy a good fizzy lemonade!

emandtrev said... [reply]

Aggie Blue Mint is probably my all-time fave, but let's face it. I can pretty much eat anything there and be a happy gal.

TDL's curls are soooo cute. Watch out, world.

TMC said... [reply]

You are such a clever girl!! Your cowl is beautiful. I love the color. You need to set up your own etsy shop!

TMC said... [reply]

Oh and TMC is teresa mcleod of library fame.

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