It's Friday, and yet.

It's cloudy outside again, and my body knows it. Blah.

In better news, I got my garden started on Wednesday in a fit of sun-fueled productivity. Three trash bags of weeds and dead leaves and a bag of compost and some very aching muscles later, tah dah!

Those are my strawberry plants, because I found the answer on when to plant those guys. ("Today. Yesterday would have been better, but for sure right now.") Also planted some sweet pea seeds left over from last year and put up a dinky little Wammart trellis for them to climb. We shall see. 

Yesterday I went to our local IFA Country store with the Tiny Dark Lord to grab more compost and turned the corner to see a 6-foot-tall container stacked with layers of kidding-you-not live fluffy peeping baby chicks. And then I dropped dead and had to be revived. It was like a baby chick skyscraper. There were also ducklings and turkeys, but the baby chicks were the cutest.

(And yes, I know that a "chick" by definition is already understood to be a baby, much in the same way that lambs are, but I will never be able to stop myself from saying "baby chicks" and "baby lambs." The fourteen or so posts about baby lambs will attest.)

Anyway. That was yesterday, when it was still sunny and good. Now it is cloudy and the Dark Lord is continuing his Streak of Clingy Whinyness that doesn't at all make me want to run away to a seedy motel or similar where I can be by myself. He is napping now, which is my one chance to go get some stuff done. 

Signing off, and hoping y'all have lovely weekends!


Cooldad said... [reply]

If you have a freeze forecast, you can just run your dryer. It looks like you have a dryer vent close by to keep your plants warm. Better yet if it is a neighbors dryer running.

coolmom said... [reply]

FYI, just caught up on your last few posts. I know there is a Pulitzer out there somewhere with your name on it. Have you considered a cartoon strip?

Loni & John said... [reply]

Ohmygosh I love baby chicks and ducklings, but did your IFA have the BABY QUAIL????? Seriously the cutest, miniaturest little things I have ever before seen in my life. John and I seriously contemplated buying some. I may have to make another visit this weekend to get my fix of the cuteness.

Science Teacher Mommy said... [reply]

It's Friday and I'm headed to Hunger Games and the best hamburger joint in the world.

Not rubbing it in . . . I'm just sayin'.

Bebe McGooch said... [reply]

Go go garden! Woo, woo!

Charlie has also reached the lovely stage of whine and cling, whine and cling. Sigh.

Ana said... [reply]

This last Summer (here in NZ) I put some strawberries in a pot near the spinach in my garden because according to my companionship planting book they work great together! Soooo, long story short - the strawberries near the spinach ripened the first and WAY ahead of all the other strawberries not near any spinach. So if you get your hands on some spinach, be sure to plant 'em near your strawberries - it's a sure thing :)

annie (the annilygreen one) said... [reply]

first of all, thanks to the above comment, now i will always think of strawberries and spinach as being good friends...i like that.

second, i have also seen baby quail, and holy cow....it's ridiculous how teeny and cute they are.

third, the IFA by my parents house had a sign out last year that said, "pick up chicks here." ha!

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