Little bits of lovely

I'm telling you, it needs to keep being sunny around here. Life looks infinitely better when there are sunshine and blue skies to be had. Am starting to worry about my plan to one day move to the Pacific Northwest and become a hippie since these gray skies keep turning me into a bridge troll.

But. It is sunny today, so get ready for an outpouring of good mood!

Lovely thing #1: Went to a yoga class this morning for the first time in years--possibly since that one time when a pack of octogenarians kicked my trash. I have a few passes for my local rec center & went to check it out. The class was so, so very good & worked all those muscles that my Physical Butt Hole Therapist says I should work. I also had this moment of, "Oh yeah! I remember being a human who does things like going to yoga alone by herself!" The kind of yoga I've been doing lately has been more of a team exercise. Moves include such winners as "Cooking Hot Food on the Stove While Holding a Toddler," "Bending Down to Retrieve the Remote Control from between the Wall and the Furniture While Holding a Toddler," and, my personal favorite, "Getting up from the Freaking Toilet While Holding a Crying Toddler." That last one led to a new game: "Pooping in Relative Peace While Your Toddler Screams and Pounds on the Closed Door."

Lovely thing #2: Just started getting eggs from a family in my ward. They're $2 a dozen, and tiny precious dark-haired children bring them to my door. Look how gorgeous!

I got these last night, and today I had a fried egg (brown one, top right) and toast for lunch. Delightful, I tell you.

Lovely thing #3: These are the strawberry plants I got yesterday. They are hanging out on my dryer until I can figure out when it's safe to plant them outside.

Lovely thing #4: Have been doing some stash-busting as part of my "let's maybe hold off on buying new yarn for a while since you already have an entire plastic bin of the stuff" plan. Behold, the fruits of my labor, to be eventually bequeathed to the fruits of other people's labors.

Dudes. It's an apple. Could you just die?

Apple Hat
 Am ridiculously in love with this little guy, and keep picking it up and cooing at it.

Welcome to the world hat and chaussons mignons
As for these, you may remember that I made a version of this hat in blue for the fetal Tiny Dark Lord, and then promptly lost it, like a person who totally should be given a newborn to take care of. Right now I keep wanting to knit baby girl stuff, and since I don't have a baby girl it is really nice of other people to take these things and put them on their own female offspring. I almost didn't get these booties mailed off though because I just kept walking around balancing them on the palm of my hand like I was carrying around fluffy baby chicks or something.

Lovely thing #5: The Dark Lord, after hours of resistance, finally deigned to nap. Once he was down I speedy quick made some beef (okay, ground turkey) stroganoff so now dinner is in the bag. And I listened to an interview with Sis. Dr. Susan Easton Black on Mormon Conversations at the same time. And then I got to blog. Winning.

Yes, it looks like somebody vomited on my stove.
But it's really tasty, I promise.

So. Your turn. Let's hear about the lovelies.


amelia c said... [reply]

it keeps raining and i love that.
i received handfuls of flattering comments pertaining to the style of my teaching in sunday school the other day. i needed those.

glad you've got a few bits of preemptive springtime loveliness. also: am envious of your knitting skills.

Rachael said... [reply]

My lovely thing is that our three-month-old foster daughter's hair is just long enough to curl up into a ridiculous Pebbles-Flintstone-style curl, facing the wrong direction, in the very center of the top of her head. Like, it curls back away from her face like she's in an 80s glamour shot. If the glamour shot model was mostly bald and covered with drool.

Stephanie said... [reply]

Tint Terrorist is so damn excited to wear her little hat and shoes. I am so excited too.

AmyJane said... [reply]

Uh, well, here in the aforementioned Pacific Northwest, it freaking cold and snowing/raining nonstop so there is no loveliness today. At. All. Sorry to be a downer. Don't move here. (I'll rescind that statement later this summer when y'all are roasting to death but for now, it is my truth.)

Sherry said... [reply]

I ate jelly beans for lunch. That was the only redeeming quality of my day. It may also be why I feel like garbage right now.

Kayla @ Freckles in April said... [reply]

This week is totally kicking my trash. But it's nice to know that SOMEONE is winning at life!

Amber said... [reply]

It's 80 degrees!! In Chicago, IN MARCH. I've been to the park all day and now have 4 sweaty, tired kids. Lovely!

Saskia said... [reply]

I don't have to travel for a week and a half.

And I have new glasses, the new and unexpected lovely whenever I look in a mirror.

Mike Harrell said... [reply]

I thought you did someone's hair yesterday too. I guess I'm not important enough for two mentions in a row...it's okay...you can still just barge into my apartment whenever you want.

Sounds like a 1337 internet monster!

emandtrev said... [reply]

Well done! I completely agree about the weather. All I wanted to do yesterday was bask in the sunshine and do spring projects. I did a little basking in the sunshine and no spring projects. Slacker.

Want to send me that recipe for stroganoff? I'm in a rut in the dinner-making department.

Desmama said... [reply]

That apple hat is killing me with its cuteness. I'm totally making it.

coolmom said... [reply]

Wow! Way to be productive. You should enter your knitting into the fair. You'd win stuff. OK, maybe not in Utah the land of overacheivers, but in a-LAS-ska you would rock !

Mike's hair was awesome. We are still under a million feet of snow and may never see grass this year.

Bebe McGooch said... [reply]

You are awesome.

The end.

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