Well done, us!


Remember that one time when a bunch of us froke out about the new health education bill and asked the governor to veto it because it was crap? He did! (Or, if you want to be able to feel the Spirit while you read, He did!) Yay for more information and less teen pregnancy/abortion/girls with chlamydia!

Now I guess we need to call/email to thank him for the veto, and then let our representatives know that if they even think about overturning it we will leave dog poop on their porch. And believe me, I know where to get a ton of that stuff. There is a neighbor on my street who has not picked up a single piece of dog poop from their yard since maybe 2006, I kid you not. Some of it could qualify as fossils.

To celebrate, I took the young Dark Lord to Cook's Farm & Greenhouse in Orem. It's that time of year again where I kill a garden, and I'd like to get a jump on it. My brother coolboy didn't have to work until this afternoon, so I barged into his apartment and made him come with me too. This turned out to be a win for both of us. The win for me was the pleasure of his company, and also the part where he wrangled both compost and Dark Lord. While I chose seed packets, Coolboy strollered the young child around the greenhouses while said child wailed like a firetruck because I wasn't holding him. We were the only customers there, so I didn't worry too much about the noise. And then we let him out so he could toddle around and seek out poisonous plants to ingest.

The win for Coolboy was "The Cactus Room," as it shall now be known in hushed tones of reverence. There was this huge, warm, misty, breezy, tropical-feeling room with cacti and herbs and palms and acres of geraniums. It felt like standing in Hawaii, but without the beach or the feral chickens. We just basked in the loveliness for a nice long while.

I guess that was technically several wins for me. But it really was the perfect thing to go experience the morning after a jerky March snowstorm, and it makes me feel like I possibly will survive the rest of the winter.

Is anybody else doing anything to get themselves geared up for spring? And if you Californians and Southerners get on here and say, "I just go outside where it has already been spring for forever, neener," you will make me sad. You can still say it, just know that it's like a teeny, tiny, daffodil-shaped dagger in my heart.


Science Teacher Mommy said... [reply]


I like it.

emandtrev said... [reply]

The graphic, "froke," and link to Deseret News to feel the Spirit had me laughing and I was only one paragraph in.

We have plans to get our garden going this year, but as it is my first year actually taking care of the veggies and I know little about gardening, I'm pretty sure I'll kill a lot. We are going to try corn, cucumbers, tomatoes, and maybe squash. Wish us luck, seriously.

Jen said... [reply]

The only upside to the banning of health education in Utah would be watching Jon Stewart cover it.

Sherry said... [reply]

I am going to North Carolina for a work trip before the end of the month, but I don't know when. That is my escape from this dumb weather. Originally my boss volunteered me to go to Detroit, but then that didn't work with my schedule, so now HE is the one who has to go to Detroit, so HA!

Also, I was sosososo happy to hear about the veto on Friday night. My husband wished I would stop going on and on about it.

Jonathon said... [reply]

I'm glad to see you keeping "froke" alive. It makes me think of the good ol' days at IS.

abby said... [reply]

I went and saw cherry blossoms today in their peak. Yes the South is truly awesome right now. :) One of my friends planted his garden two weeks ago. Consider this my flowery stab into your heart.

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