Easter Weekend Highlights

How was your Easter weekend? 

As mentioned previously, we went to my niece Savannah's baptism on Saturday. It was lovely, and here she is looking all precious with her Grandma and Grandpa:

Later that day the Tiny Dark Lord had his first Easter Egg Hunt. I hid a few plastic eggs in the yard for him to find, and once he figured out the mechanics of hanging on to the bucket while hunting, there was no stopping him. 

On Sunday we got all dolled up in our finery and went to church. It wasn't until I saw parents handing their kids plastic baggies of Easter candy during sacrament meeting that I made the candy/church connection--the Primary kids were all going to be insanely hopped up on sugar. Was all I could do not to just run for it and pretend I'd been hit by a car. Have decided that they should consider doing the same deal for Easter that they do when Christmas falls on a Sunday--sacrament meeting only, and then parents can drag their kids home for the sugar meltowns so they don't happen on the innocent Primary teachers' watches. 

Luckily for us, we only had three children in our class that day. One of them, though, was on a sugar high that made him as energetic as about 4 kids, so that put things back up to normal levels of madness. 

After church I finished making enough deviled eggs to fill a 9x13" pan. (Note: That still wasn't enough. I hadn't realized that Savannah would sneak at least 5 for herself. The girl loves herself some deviled eggs.) We had a big family Easter dinner at Jenny's apartment with prime rib, salad, my deviled eggs, and coolboy's "Resurrection Potatoes," which according to him is what you have to call funeral potatoes if you're having them for Easter.

The Dark Lord is either growing out of his "only my mother may touch me or I will shriek like the Nazgul" phase, or he has decided to hold a brief moratorium out of a canny sense of self-promotion. Because when he saw my parents for the first time in five months, not only did he let them hold him but when they were leaving my apartment he actually ran after my mother with his arms outstretched to her.

This kid maybe knows what is what.

My dad flew back to Alaska last night, but we still have my mom for the rest of the week.

Lastly, there was this: Early on Sunday morning we got a call from GH's mom, letting us know that his grandfather had just passed away. He had a stroke recently, and wasn't really recovering. We'd gone up to see him last Saturday because we knew there probably wasn't much time left. Lots of family managed to make it up to see him, and he seemed to hold on just until all of his children were able to say goodbye. So there was some sadness for us that day. GH and I both felt though that Easter Sunday, with all its reminders of the Atonement and the Resurrection, was perhaps a good day to return Home. 

TDL with his Grammy and Grampy, Christmas 2010


Elsha said... [reply]

We had funeral potatoes yesterday and I SO wish I had heard them called resurrection potatoes before we did! Although, around here we like to call them "celebration of life" potatoes.

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