Whale tail. She's flashing a whale tail. Abort!*

It has been really hot here. Like, hot enough that I am getting all irritated about the part where one of the perks to moving to L**** was supposed to be how it's cooler in the summers. COOLER, Logan. Not freaking 90+ degrees in June. Humph.

Anyway, meet my clothesline, because that's just how much closer I am now to being Laura Ingalls Wilder. And if the grasshoppers keep messing with my garden I guess we'll pretty much be the same person before too long. Watch this space to see if I start filling my kitchen drawers with sugar and flour, all Almanzo-style.

Get this: The first thing I hung up today was a blue bedsheet and by the time I finished putting up the rest of the clothes that thing was DRY, I kid you not. Did not even realized that clotheslines could rule that hard.

The Parks & Rec* quote from the title is a reference to an unfortunate sunburn I received while out weeding in the vegetable garden. I didn't realize I was showing any skin and thought the subsequent irritation was from the tag of my new yoga (read: have never been yoga'd in) pants. Wasn't until GH pointed out that I had a sunburn that I found a mirror to check it out. What I found looked like a hot pink thong top rising up from the waistline of my pants. Only instead of trashy lingerie it was burned flesh. Awesome.

Another recent highlight: The Dark Lord's first funnel cake, sampled at the Summerfest celebration just before The Time of Diseased Hands, Feet, and Mouth.

He was a fan.

Summerfest, though, is kind of a funny thing. Unless there is a good band playing (there wasn't on the night we went) it's really just you wandering around looking at art booths. It feels like a lot of the art is somehow cowboy themed, which isn't really my thing. I've never purchased anything. And yet, we always go. So it really ends up being more, like, mild walking exercise cancelled out by carnival food.

* This line is just one of about a bazillion reasons why you should be watching Parks & RecI know, I know, you probably caught a couple of episodes in Season 1 and saw nothing to keep you there. That's what I thought too. So just start with Season 2 and then once you are completely hooked and devoted you can go back and watch Season 1. It's all on Netflix. You will thank me. This show is eighteen million times funnier than anything else NBC keeps trotting out (or, as in the case of The Office, dragging in while flies and vultures circle overhead).


j said... [reply]

Your description of how to watch Parks & Rec is spot on. I watched some at the start and thought it was alright but not great. Then caught some episodes of Season 2 or 3 (what Season just ended?) and got hooked and eventually went back via Netflix to catch Season 1. *Literally* one of my favorite shows right now. :)

Stacy Averett said... [reply]

When I was a kid, I really wanted to grow up to be Laura Ingalls Wilder. And live in Logan. So you're pretty much living my drem

Saskia said... [reply]

I watched the first half season of P&R and loved it enough to keep going in Season 2. I'm alternating episodes of Raising Hope, Parks&Recreation and Modern Family now that I have access to hulu.com and don't have to rely on the faulty links at sidereel like in Europe.

FoxyJ said... [reply]

I totally love Parks and Rec too! I used a clothesline for almost a year when I lived in CA and didn't want to pay $1.10 a load to dry my clothes. Generally I liked it, although some things like pants got a bit too crispy. I found myself using liquid fabric softener in the washing machine for the first time, and doing a bit more ironing than I used to.

Señora H-B said... [reply]

I choked on my water when I read the title of this post. I love Parks & Rec. I agree with Saskia that Raising Hope is also hilarious. I hope Modern Family goes without saying?

I feel about the Fair (and yes, it should be capitalized in the Midwest) the way you feel about Summerfest. We walk a lot and eat obscene amounts of junk food. The end.

Elsha said... [reply]

Clotheslines are awesome. We had one at our last house. Everything dries So! Fast!

Brittney said... [reply]

We love P&R around these here parts! And it helps a lot that I am married to a man who is practically a clone of Ron Swanson, so that makes all his antisocial antics even more hilarious to us. I wonder what it says about me that he and April are my two favorite characters?
Everyone should follow your instructions as to what order to watch it in, that very same thing happened to me as well. As always Nem, you have excellent taste.

P.S. Just finished a whirlwind marathon of watching every. single. episode. of Downton Abbey. Oh my! Swoon! I didn't even know how incomplete my life was without that show!!

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