Help me out here, Cache Valley-ites?

So there's this thing that is baffling unto me, and I'm going to share it with the Internets in the hopes that maybe somebody out there has the answer. And if nobody does then at least we can be baffled together. At the Pioneer Day parade in North Logan, a group came marching through carrying signs that said "One + One, September 8, 2012" against a temple-looking background. Nobody around me seemed to know what the signs meant or who what the group was.

Fast forward to later in the coming weeks, when I started seeing the same signs (similar to the lawn signs for political candidates) posted in the grass next to the local LDS chapels. I actually pulled over and had GH check it out to see if there was a website listed or anything that would indicate what is being advertised. Because the signs did not seem to be created by the Church (there was no logo and we haven't been told about any upcoming event) and for sure you're not allowed to just go plonk your own signs for whatever on private church property.

Today though GH saw an even bigger sign and sent me a picture:

Okay, seriously. Does anybody know what on the earth this is? Am I just looking at some insane person's wedding announcement? Please tell me I'm not. Because if so then that is an indicator that the whole "asking people to homecoming/proposing marriage/being the most creative person ever about your love" one-upsmanship has officially become out of control.


Anonymous said... [reply]

IDK for sure, and I don't live there, but if I had to take a guess, I'd say it was some social/political statement about marriage being between one man + one woman. Maybe?

Christina said... [reply]

According to my mad Google skills, on that day begins the Lotoja Classic bike race in Logan, a 3K walk/run for Cache County schools, USU is playing Utah in football at home as well as a Celebrate America show at USU. None of those have anything to do with a temple, though, so no idea.

Barbara said... [reply]

I'm clueless. Looked on the LDS region calendar to see if there's a big singles event or something.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Anon, that was my first thought too, but then I thought that would be a really, really vague statement--especially since there are no initiatives or anything going on (in either direction) that I know of.

GH says there's some stake youth activity on that day where the kids are hiking from someplace in the mountain to the temple. But that sure would make an expensive (and cryptic) flyer. And wouldn't it be posted INSIDE the building if it were for a church activity?

abby said... [reply]

I think it's date of the end of the world, but only people in Logan are supposed to know about it.

Amy said... [reply]

Haha! That's funny, Abby. Cache Valley is a special place, IMO. :)

Kelly said... [reply]

Yeah, my guess is also some sort of gay marriage thing. Keep us posted as to what happens, though I suppose if Cache Valley explodes on September 8, or it's the rapture, we'll hear about it.

Jenny said... [reply]

My ward/stake is doing a giant celebration of youth where the kids are supposed to learn how to extract names and then do baptisms. Supposedly it came from slc, maybe that is what it is? But my best guess would be gay marriage. Someone from utah county probably sent it up ;-) .

Jenny said... [reply]

Oh, but that is September 5, maybe it is another stake's big baptism day.

Nemesis said... [reply]

If it IS a gay marriage thing, then what exactly is it? Also, couldn't 1 +1 mean 1 man + 1 man?

Maybe it's an anti-POLYGAMY statement (1+1, not 1+1+1+1). Which makes about as much sense as anything else.

Jilly Bean said... [reply]

Does it have to do with the new temple in Brigham City? I believe it's closed on Sept 8th for the open house... Just a thought.

Science Teacher Mommy said... [reply]

Found out that every hotel room in Logan is booked that day . . .

Nemesis said... [reply]

Science Teacher Mommy, does that mean that we're looking at a love-in of some kind? ;-)

Amy said... [reply]

Any chance it has anything to do with 9/11 being the following Tuesday?

Lady Susan said... [reply]

I keep coming back to the comments on this because I am now seriously intrigued. Please keep us updated! ;)

G said... [reply]

I keep coming back too because I'm so curious. I hope one of y'all figures this out and then posts!

Tim Olsen said... [reply]

I came across your blog post and posted the photo to our CacheValleyDaily.com facebook page. Here is the answer I received:

"It is a program in our LDS Stake. It is a youth-temple-family history projoect that started a few months ago and will be ending in the Fall. One person researches and finds a family ancestor, then helps another youth in the stake do the same (One + One). The family names are taken to the LDS temple and ordinance work is done for the ancestor(s) there. - Holly Gunter"

Hope this helps,

Timothy R. Olsen
Assistant Editor

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