Miller's Landing at Lowell Point

Around 5pm today Mom drove the Tiny Dark Lord and I over to Lowell Point, looking for tide pools. The tide pools had gone missing but we still had fun on the beach. It's just, you know, a different kind of beach fun. TDL signed to me that he wanted to go take a bath in the ocean. Which, sure, it's a great place for a bath if getting hypothermia and/or eaten by orcas is your thing.

My mom wanted me to tell you that the beach house pictured is where she and my dad live. It's not, but consider yourselves told and feel free to imagine us living a Nancy Meyers type of existence with cream-colored sweaters and copper pans hanging up in the kitchen.

On the walk back to the car, two bald eagles circled over our heads--probably trying to decide if the Dark Lord was light enough to pick up. (Note to eagles: He's not.) And then once we got to the car, TDL made a solo dash back down the trail (top right) and I had to run after him lest he become bear bait.

This is the neighborhood near the beach, and I kind of fell in love with all the quirky houses. Most were private residences but there were a few inns/B&Bs as well. So you can stay there when you go visit Seward on your honeymoon. There's that solved!


Kelly said... [reply]

I might even be willing to deal with elk antlers for that little cottage on the lower left. So cute!

Kelly said... [reply]

Also, I never realized that "Nancy Meyers-esque" is what I'm going for in home design, but after reading that article, I think that's just about right

Nemesis said... [reply]

Kelly, you are in luck! You can totally stay there. :-)

Jenny said... [reply]

Lowell Point is where I would run away to when I wanted to slit my wrists or kill my parents for moving us to Seward. I love that place. Pretty soon you should be able to see thousands of washed up jellyfish. That would maybe want to keep TDL out of the water. I'm glad he didn't get eaten by anything. The kids would've missed him

lilcis said... [reply]

I can't get over seeing big houses like that on stilts. I know that's probably all that's holding up your house anyway (load bearing posts??) but still, doesn't seem very stable.

Beautiful, though!

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