One + One: Mystery solved!

For all of us who couldn't sleep because we were just that curious about what all the "One + One" signs meant, we have an answer! This just came from Timothy Olsen of CacheValleyDaily.com:

Tim Olsen said...[reply]
I came across your blog post and posted the photo to our CacheValleyDaily.com facebook page. Here is the answer I received:

"It is a program in our LDS Stake. It is a youth-temple-family history project that started a few months ago and will be ending in the Fall. One person researches and finds a family ancestor, then helps another youth in the stake do the same (One + One). The family names are taken to the LDS temple and ordinance work is done for the ancestor(s) there. - Holly Gunter"

Hope this helps,

Timothy R. Olsen
Assistant Editor

So there you go! Thanks so much to Tim Olsen and to Holly Gunter!

It's not a crazy wedding announcement. It's a youth activity. And I totally know Holly, which just goes to show how close the answer was all the time. I do find it interesting though that the banner designs were ambiguous enough as to give most of us the initial impression that we were looking at some kind of contribution to the traditional vs gay marriage debate. Might be something to think about when coming up with future activity flyers. 

And now I know where to take my random "what is it that I'm looking at here" questions. (Except I'll still post them on the blog too because it's more fun that way.)


goddessdivine said... [reply]

I've been tossing and turning on this one. Glad I can sleep easy now. ;-0

Barbara said... [reply]

So funny. And I love Holly! Small world.

Jenny said... [reply]

I was kind of right. Just a different stake and a different day. Glad it wasn't a gay thing.

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