Pass the Xanax

Did I mention that I'm flying to Alaska in two days with the Tiny Dark Lord? What? No?

This is because I like to be secretive, kind of like an international spy or similar. Or maybe it's because you can't type messages to the Internet when you are curled into a ball thinking about spending 5 hours crammed into an airplane seat with a thirty-pound toddler on your lap. Except, see, I really want some good seafood. I am willing to do lots of things for good seafood.

My parents downsized their lives this summer and moved into an apartment in Seward, Alaska. (Population: 2,700. Smell: fish. And maybe bear.) One of the reasons they did this is because my mom is going to start a culinary arts program there in the fall, which is awesome. Also she says they have baby rabbits in the bushes near the apartment. That is awesome too. Mom has actually been down here in Utah visiting, so we will be on the same plane back to Alaska. Having another pair of hands and/or lap to help with the Dark Lord will be a really nice thing, I think.

Although I'm not excited for the flights, I'm really excited about the two weeks between said flights. A few highlights I'm looking forward to:

Hanging out with my parents.

Watching the Dark Lord hang out with my parents.

Seeing my brother and his family, who also live in Alaska.

Enjoying the cooler temperatures, while still hoping for a bit of sunshine.

The Alaska SeaLife Center, where the fish-loving Dark Lord will get to see and touch all manner of sea creatures. (And, GH points out, where TDL will surely end up licking the aquariums because his mother is not as vigilant about such things as his germophobe father is.)

The bunnies.

Maybe taking this train between Seward and Anchorage:


Knitting, especially since I may need to immediately wear the projects as I finish them. There is even a yarn store in Seward that we'll go check out.

Eating. I always eat (too) well when I'm with my parents. You need a bit of extra blubber in Alaska, don't you know.

Doing little baby hikes like this one to work off the blubber:

Exit Glacier, Exit Glacier Trail

And all other sorts of tame adventures.

Am packing the diaper bag with snacks and toys, have downloaded highly-recommended apps and the Dark Lord's two favorite movies (The Muppets and Up) onto my iPad, and will be calling on the angels. Anybody else have some good suggestions?


Kara said... [reply]

If he likes Elmo, check out the "Elmo Calls" app. You FaceTime with Elmo.
Monkey Preschool Lunchbox and Monkey Preschool When I Grow Up. These apps are very easy to use. My son has been playing them since about 20-months-old. Since he and TDL share the same name, I assume they are both prodigies.
These apps are very cute, engaging, and there is nothing [save the home button] that can stop play.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Kara, thanks for the recommendation! Just downloaded Monkey Preschool Lunchbox--hope he likes it!

Saskia said... [reply]

Alaska sounds awesome. Have fun!

Ashley Miller said... [reply]

Like TDL, my son (2 months older) is really hard on the plane. My mom came up with a genius idea for this last 5-hour flight from Vegas to New Jersey. She bought a plain wood plaque from Joann and put a light switch, buckle, zipper, doorstop, snap, velcro, latches, hinges and locks on it. He played with it almost the whole flight! We also had an empty seat next to us, and he loved playing with the buckle and feeling big in his own seat. Oh, and one thing that worked great a flight or two ago was putting little snacks in a daily pill container and letting him open them and find the treat. You may even want to get two so one can be refilled while the other is being opened. Good luck, and may all the baby angels smile upon you!

Jenny said... [reply]

Actually taking Xanax is my suggestion.

jeri said... [reply]

Smitty's favorite apps are Elmo's Monster Maker and Jib Jab jr. stories

I also suggest new dollar-store toys that you can take out one at a time, with great fanfare. Things that will hold his attention for a while and then you can throw away, like those colored-oil/water toys, a toothbrush to chew on, mardi-gras beads...

Nemesis said... [reply]

Ashley, those are both genius suggestions, especially the "busy board" your mom made. We have a project now to do in the next two weeks!

Jeri, I got a few dollar store toys but didn't need to get them out. May save them for long car trips and/or the flight back!

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