We made it!

This is photo evidence of the entire ten minutes in which the child slept yesterday (during the two-hour drive from Anchorage to Seward). He was such a good boy on the plane, though. I give thanks for and bear my testimony of the iPad, lots of snacks, the baby angels, and a seat partner who was agreeable to being a footrest for little toddler feet in toddler shoes that may or may not have had dried dog poop on the soles.

I am less grateful that "The Lucky One" was the in-flight film. Pssshtt. My eyes are stupider now.

But. We made it without any tantrums or tears (from him OR me) and as soon as I put the Tiny Dark Lord down in the Anchorage terminal he started running all over the place shouting, "Yay!! Yaaaayyyyyy!!!"

Seward is beautiful and there are baby bunnies everywhere. It's like the chickens in Kauai. But it's precious little bunnies instead. Will go explore as soon as TDL wakes up from his nap.

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Kimi said... [reply]

Glad you made it there safe! And so glad TDL was good for you on the flight. I always stressed so much over that and MOST of the time it was for nothing. Hope you enjoy your trip!

emandtrev said... [reply]

Yay! So glad your travels were excellent. He looks absolutely precious sleeping in his cute seat. Have a wonderful time!

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