I made a wreath!

And then I took really cruddy iPad photos of it, yay!

Back in 2007 I questioned whether there were, in fact, sewing and quilting chemicals distributed through the Cache Valley water system. This wreath is evidence that maybe they do put craftiness in the water, along with miscarriage drops.


If anybody else would like to make one of these, it was pretty darn easy. There are lots of yarn-wrapped wreath tutorials online with a lot more pictures and, it must be said, a lot more insanity to do with feathers and such, so I'll just wave my hand and send you in that direction.

But I will say that you can start by going to your local craftiness store and buying a wreath. (Be sure to Google and print out a 40% off coupon before you go! Joann's will take competitor's coupons but Hobby Lobby won't, and also they will try to deny you the morning-after pill.) Or you could just pay full price if you are feeling all rich and better than other people. Here's the one I bought:

14" Straw Wreath
14-inch straw wreath, $3.99 @ Hobby Lobby

I left the wrapper on to keep a smoother surface, but there were places where the straw made the wreath a bit . . . bumpy. In the end I think I was able to compensate and make it look fine, but if you would rather have something smooth I would go with a foam wreath form. Except they are thinner so . . . now you know how Meryl Streep felt that one time.

I tried to go the whole "turn-foam-tubing-from-Home-Depot-into-a-wreath-for-cheaper" route, but it turns out that creates kind of a skinny wreath, much better as a base for pinning on or hot-glueing other stuff (especially if you follow these great instructions for creating a kink-free circle). It would not have made a good base for a wrapped yarn wreath. So now I have two long grey tubes of foam in my living room, which the Tiny Dark Lord and are using for pretending to be elephants. 

Anyway, get your straw or foam base, use a Sharpie marker to divide the thing up like you would a Costco pumpkin pie, and then get wrapping. Use hot glue or knots (or both) to secure the yarn. I needed mine to look decent in the back, since I can see it through my front door:

This wreath + electric candles in the front windows = pretty much all my dreams coming true.


Science Teacher Mommy said... [reply]

"Crud" is kind of a CV word. I think you have successfully enculturated yourself.

Science Teacher Mommy said... [reply]

Also: Would like more suggestions for things to do if you feel better than other people. ;)

And if you cut your Costco pie into THAT many pieces I'm never coming to thanksgiving at your house.

brinestone said... [reply]

I love the wreath! Sorry about the water up there, though, even if it did make you crafty. :(

Sarah said... [reply]

I love yarn wreaths. Had plans to make one while I was on bed rest, but now you are motivating me to complete it.

Kimi said... [reply]

Wal-marts straw wreaths are 2.50. That's where I got mine. Also, how did you go about hanging your wreath? Mine is still sitting in the kitchen waiting to be hung...a lot of good it does there... :)

emandtrev said... [reply]

You would have to post a photo of the prettiest wreath ever, that you made yourself, after I shopped around and had too many of those, "You want me to pay WHAT?!!" for holiday wreath moments. Sigh. Yours is gorgeous.

I am maybe the world's worst crafter. Unfortunate because everyone I know is awesome at it.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Kimi, I used some of the red yarn, held doubled, and kind of rigged a loop (with knots and hot glue) that I could wrap around the wreath and then hang onto the wreath hanger that's already on the door. Hope that helps!

Nemesis said... [reply]

Emandtrev, we could make one of these for about $10. Call me and I will help you (read: will do it for you while you watch and give me hot chocolate)!

I was having the same frustrating feelings while wreath shopping, and even bought all the stuff to make a berry wreath myself but just the SUPPLIES were way too expensive. So I returned it all and did this.

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