Winning at Black Friday all over the place!

Note: The reason I'm winning is because I set my sights very, very, very low. It's a system that works for me.

First off, Thanksgiving was really nice. We met up with GH's dad's family in Bountiful and because the group was so large they got the church gym for the shindig. All the food was delicious, and there were several Costco pumpkin pies (cue heavenly choirs). The Tiny Dark Lord's paternal heritage came rearing out when all he cared about were the Jello concoctions (known around these parts as "salads"). Except he is totally right about my sister-in-law's raspberry pretzel salad, which is probably sprinkled with crack cocaine it's that addicting.

After the Thanksgiving meal we drove home and took it easy. I may or may not have finished off the slice(s) of pumpkin pie I snuck home with me, and GH and I may or may not have gotten into a fight about who should clean the Gift of Pee left by a very thoughtful Dark Lord on the side of our upholstered living room chair. I stormed off from the argument and got into bed to knit and watch Friday Night Lights on my iPad, and after 15 minutes of Coach and Tami Taylor I felt peaceful and happy again. Such is the power of FNL, friends. Your marriage probably needs it.

Today I got up at the usual time and decided to investigate a few of the Black Friday sales. Speed and a ruthless efficiency were kind of necessary because I had the Dark Lord with me.

Kohls: Snagged one of these for $13 after coupons:

Annnd now I don't even know who I am anymore since GH and I just bought our son athletic equipment for the playing of sport. It's just that TDL was just so excited watching the teenagers play basketball in the church gym while we cleaned up the Thanksgiving meal that we lost our heads. (Does baby like basketball?!? Baby shall HAVE basketball!!! Baby shall have ALL OF TEH THINGZZZ!!!)

Old Navy: grabbed these for $19 each, because I'm down to my last pair of jeans without a hole in the right knee. Do not ask me how I manage to do this.

Old Navy "Flirt" skinny jeans

Old Navy "Sweetheart" boot cut jeans, with model whose behind
looks less good in these jeans than mine does. Just sayin'. 

One thing I am grateful for this Thanksgiving is that my body is just the right weird to look super good in $19 Old Navy jeans. To all my friends who have to buy $60 jeans to avoid being an extra in this commercial . . .

. . . I am sorry and please do not send me a bomb in the mail.

Home Depot: $1.50 extension cord to power the Christmas lights I've strung around my porch, and foam tubing ($1.22) to turn into wreath forms so I can make this:

from Etsy

And since it seems that the Tiny Dark Lord is, in fact, refusing to take a nap today (this is not a Black Friday win) I'd better end now and get up and do things.

Does anyone else having anything they'd like to brag about? (Awesome thanksgiving, Christmas shopping scores, having a great butt, etc.)


FoxyJ said... [reply]

I had a miraculous moment on Wednesday night when I happened to get to a restaurant early for dinner with a friend, and it happened to be near Nordstrom Rack, and I happened to find an amazing pair of Clarks shoes that fit my wonky feet and were a decent price. I'm still excited about them. Now I can stop wearing my Toms with holes in them to work.

I tried Kohls today but the line was super long and it didn't seem worth it to me.

Janssen said... [reply]

My thanksgiving tragically did not include that pretzel salad - the person assigned to bring it just brought REGULAR RASPBERRY JELLO. And I wept a little.

Señora H-B said... [reply]

I'm so impressed! I bought a gag gift for my SIL this morning. I went to Walmart with another SIL last night at 8pm. I don't think I'll ever do that again....

I made delicious, delicious pies a few days before Thanksgiving. These have been sustaining me and nourishing me.

AmyJane said... [reply]

Wait, does your baby wear glasses? Cause, eeeeeeeee! So cute!

Kimi said... [reply]

Awesome deal on that basketball hoop! Pretty sure we payed double that price...sigh. Give tdl a few months and he and Trey will be playing a little one on one! :) Also, glad you decided to do that wreath. We both know you were the one who was really meant to do it since you were definitely the brains behind it. :) (You should have just taken my moms half finished one that will end up in some closet somewhere and eventually get used as a toy.) You know I'm right.... Glad you had a good Thanksgiving. We wish we could have been there! PS. I'm loving those glasses on cute little TDL. Does he actually keep them on!?

AmandaStretch said... [reply]

I spent my Black Friday in the temple with the fiance in the morning, and the in the Library of Congress doing research in the afternoon. Then, we had pizza on Capitol Hill. If I'm going to have to do homework on what's supposed to be a holiday, it might as well be in the LOC!

Bebe McGooch said... [reply]

Jealous of your basketball hoop steal! I totally want to get one for Charles.

And when did TDL start wearing glasses? He looks adorable. Also, how did you find out he needed to wear them? My husband and I both had terrible vision until we got the laser-eyes, and I keep wondering when it's time to take C in to get his eyes checked (although I keep thinking he needs to talk first in order to communicate acuity, so I was going to wait until he's three).

westcoastsoul said... [reply]

You should post a tutorial on how to do that wreath-I love it but I'm so not crafty I could never figure it out on my own :(

Science Teacher Mommy said... [reply]

Do the Old Navy Jeans skinny jeans fit in your boots and/or come in petite?

And yea . . salad.

emandtrev said... [reply]

Our Thanksgiving was awesome. The highlight for me was probably my BIL's sweet potatoes with some sort of heavenly pecan topping and of course my MIL's pumpkin pie. Heavenly.

I hit up Black Friday in a big way. I probably fall into that category of people think I'm nuts because of the hours I go to stores (or surf online), but then again...I got amazing deals and I can say I'm mostly done with my shopping. Yippee!

Nemesis said... [reply]

@Science Teacher Mommy

Yes, the skinny jeans are skinny enough to tuck into boots and DO come in petite (which Old Navy so charmingly refers to as "Short").

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