Okay, fine. Let's do resolutions

I know I said I'm not into resolutions. But I listened to a really great, inspiring lesson in Relief Society on Sunday about the power to change just after I started seeing other people's cool resolutions on the Interwebs and gosh darnit if those two things combined didn't start to make me feel all eager beaver about becoming a bright shiny new person. 

So. At least for the moment, I'm doing this thing. Here are the three categories that were easiest to do:

Make sure to get GH out of the house once a week or he gets cranky
Get to the temple together 1x per month
[Something about prioritizing Grown-up Togetherness Time of which specifics the Internet probably doesn't care to read]

Send cards in the mail
Have friend(s) over for dinner at least 1x per month
Start a knitting group

Mad Skillz
Sewing: Make Spitfire show me how to use the sewing machine that's sitting upstairs and cover all my nasty throw pillows with the fabric that is also sitting upstairs.

Cosmetology: Get Spitfire to teach me how to cut GH's hair. An ugly free haircut has to be better than a decent $15 one, right? (Note: this logic does not apply to my own hair.) (Second note: Thank you, Spitfire, for featuring so prominently in my New Year's Resolutions.)

Knitting: Make a grown-up lady sweater for my very own self. Specifically this one:

$5 Paris sweater, pattern & image
from Knitting Up a Storm

Because the sweater is fitted, my guess is that I'll get pregnant while knitting it and will then not be able to wear the thing (or even finish knitting it). But hey, that's a dare I'm totally willing to throw at the Universe. (Remember that one time when I planted a garden and bought a gym membership and then BOOM GH got a new job and we moved? I am maybe learning from that.)

Librarianing: Get self back behind a library desk. Because this whole civilian library user thing is crap.

I'm making a good start, don't you think?


Señora H-B said... [reply]

I love your approach to resolutions. Even though you hate them. I'm trying a few small, measurable goals (ie, check-lists are my friends). We'll see.

SuziQ said... [reply]

A knit-along is starting tomorrow evening at Knit Unique - making the Freeport vest. A knitting group sounds fun!

Jenny said... [reply]

Señora HB it turns out we've been doing checklists all wrong. We are supposed to write down things we actually do or like to do and not necessarily "things thy have to get done that we don't want to do" it sort of changed my life today when I made a list of tv shows I'd rather be watching instead of a crappy list of all the errands I needed to run. :)

I want to know where "have my sister over for dinner" is on your list.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Exactly, Jen. New Years resolutions should be fun, or at least mostly fun. Who wants to stare down the year with a list of stuff we don't want to do? Those lists I save for Mondays.

I did put "have my sister over for dinner" on the list, but then I remembered that you bought a cabin in the woods and are leaving me. Sniff.

Janssen said... [reply]

You know I'm dying to hear about your return to the librarian desk.

Th. said... [reply]



Did you see yourself in the Times three and a half years ago?

Desmama said... [reply]

Holy smokes. You really are there!

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