They are kind of like resolutions

As mentioned here previously, I'm not that big into resolutions anymore. But I did come up with a 2013 list of what I wouldn't really call Resolutions but more Things I'd Like to See Happen But if They Don't, Oh Well.

1. Write in my journal regularly.

2. Send more cards in the mail to people. Everyone likes getting a card.

3. Keep my house cleaner, when it's convenient to do so and I remember to do it and there isn't something else I'd rather be doing.

My sister Jenny can't believe I could justify actually writing down something so short and weak-sauce, but I told her that I wrote them down in my journal while I was journaling, thus accomplishing Thing I'd Like to See Happen #1.


I don't know, I start thinking about things I'd like to accomplish this year, but really with it being January and 9 degrees Fahrenheit outside, the only thing that is actually imperative for me to succeed at is the part where I need to get through The Februaries (and possibly the Marches) without killing anyone. The Februaries, I believe, are why Hawaii was invented.

Mmmmm . . . Hawaii . . . 

Last year I wrote about how I wanted to try to do more Intentional Living. A lot of you chimed in with some great thoughts and ideas of your own. Now is probably a good time for me to revisit that idea and see if there are ways I could be doing better. (Note: I could be doing better in all of the ways, but I need to pick and choose, here. You know how it is.)


Cathy said... [reply]

This is not an attempt at wittiness. I plan to visualize the upcoming day each night before I go to sleep and again each morning when I awake. It's supposed to take about a month to get into the habit but there it is! Also, live by my heart. I know, I still have to be in the world, stupid as it is sometimes, but I can try.

Jenny said... [reply]

It's #3 I couldn't get my mind around. If you're only going to do it when the impulse moment whim whatever strikes you do you really need to write it down? With an actual pencil and ink? Because those are for things that are hard to remember and not all spontaneous. It's like writing down "be spontaneous". And then working on it.

I didn't even make New Years resolutions last year so I am not one to talk.

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