a quick succession of busy nothings*

(*Has everyone here seen Mansfield Park? I'm not talking about the newer one with Billie Piper looking completely contemporary and odd but the 1990s one that took liberties and added Johnny Lee Miller, Alessandro Nivola and also bewbs. That one was really good, I thought.)

Now that my own linens are clean(ish) I'm tackling the ones GH slept on all week in the guest bedroom. Today's sunshine and melting snow fooled me into thinking it would be a great day to save some gas money and put the clean wet sheets out on the clothesline to try. My frozen blue fingers said maybe I should have waited. It's still Cache Valley Cold out there.

Tonight's dinner will be Cicada's carbonara, which I haven't made in years but am very excited about. Because I'm considering trying out that Zone Diet thingie (to help me eat more vegetables and less Cheetos) my body is preemptively willing me to ingest as many empty carbs as I can get my hands on. There will also be asparagus too, though. Maybe.

Finished re-reading The Marriage Bureau for Rich People for this week's book group. Since last month's book was Anna Karenina, we decided to veer into lighter, "maybe listening to your parents and having an arranged marriage could be a good idea" territory as a follow-up.

I'm also trying to de-stain the Tiny Dark Lord's new white cotton Oxford shirt. The story there is that we attended a funeral for GH's grandmother yesterday in Bountiful. At the grave site, which was halfway up the mountain near the Bountiful Temple, there was still a lot of snow. So someone used a back hoe to clear away the snow and create a (wet, muddy) path for us. After the graveside service, TDL ran away from me, tripped, and fell face-first into a muddy tire track. Pants, shirt, face, glasses, everything caked in mud. Good times.

two minutes before the big bid for freedom

The funeral was really nice. I heard so many great stories about Grandma Lula, and even GH learned some things he hadn't known about her. She was 94 years old and died at home with lots of family around. I'm glad that I got to know her, and that the Tiny Dark Lord did too. Even though he won't remember her, we'll be able to show him pictures of them together and tell him stories about her. The theme that kept coming through in all the stories and memories people shared was that she loved everyone unconditionally, which I think is a pretty great legacy to leave behind.


goddessdivine said... [reply]

I believe you introduced me to that version of Mansfield Park. Good stuff. Ok; now I'm in the mood for some Jane Austen. Or at least something that will make me swoon.

Bridget said... [reply]

That is a good legacy to leave behind.

(And that is one of my most favorite movies. Lots of quotable lines, too.)

elliespen said... [reply]

As a faithful adaptation of the source material, that movie is horrible. But as a movie in its own right I love, love, love it.

Crossing my fingers for the white shirt.

Lady Susan said... [reply]

Love that quote. And I die when I see the curls on your boy.

Cathy Harrell said... [reply]

I want to see a picture of the muddy little DL! Couldn't help but laugh. Also, that child is so adorable. I can't wait to see what a little female model might look like!

Nemesis said... [reply]

Goddess, you'll have to tell me what you ended up watching!

I agree, Bridget. Very quotable!

Elliespen, the white shirt is not looking good. All those Tide commercials and whatnot are liars.

Lady Susan, I die too. I cannot fault strangers when they reach out to touch the curls because it is like a tractor beam.

Mom, feel free to send those girl-centric prayers up to the fertility gods.

Mrs. Clark said... [reply]

Try soaking the shirt (actually, all your whites) in OxyClean and hot water for an hour. I do this all the time and boy, do things stay white! Also read about using some dishwasher detergent and Borax to whiten. Another good laundry product (although you are taking a chance on using this product against its labeling) is Lestoil. It removes grease very well. I just dab it on as a pre-wash.

The Atomic Mom said... [reply]

I add a half cup of white vingear to a hot water wash to get the dirt out of my boys' clothing. If you have a top load washer you can fill it up and then let it soak for a bit before you run the cycle as well. I don't have a top loader, so I just wash their clothes with vinegar every other week on hot. I also pretreat everything with SHOUT.

sarah said... [reply]

Mansfield Park is my favorite Austen. Hey Miss Nemesis, I miss your posting. I hope all is well with you and your TDL and GH.

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