Have become Magda from Bridget Jones' Diary

Do you all remember Magda? She was Bridget's Smug Married friend with tiny children and babies who showed up to Girls Nights with cabbage leaves stuffed in her bra and began phone greetings with things like, "Hi, I was just calling to say PUT IT IN THE POTTY THAT'S YUCKY!!!"

My friend called me today and the first thing she heard was my voice saying, "Is there poop? On your butt, is there poop on your butt right now?"

Her: "Um . . . I don't think so?"

Good times, friends.

So yeah, haven't been blogging, blah blah. Hello there. I have missed everyone. Will try to do better. And for the moment, let's just all agree that none of us have poop on our butts. We hope.

ps. Did you hear that Helen Fielding is supposed to release a new BJD later this year? I will read that thing even if it's awful if only because I owe so much of my 20s to Bridget.


Christina said... [reply]

Basically, I just died laughing.

Science Teacher Mommy said... [reply]

Every conversation my sister and I have is interrupted at least once on each end by a "Don't touch that!" "I'll wipe you in a minute!" "Get away from your brother!" "Danger! Danger!" You get the drill. Between us we have six boys between ages 3 and 11. It is never really quiet.

Lady Susan said... [reply]

Is it only my kid that insists on going to the bathroom the minute that I am on the phone (in the shower, etc.)? And even though he can do most everything by himself these days (yeah!), I still have to wipe any poopy bums.

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