SF Day 2 Highlights

Being warm. Turns out that's the difference between a thin cotton cardigan and a thin merino wool cardigan. Thank you, wool. And thank you, sheep.

Traveling with an iPhone. I held out forever and was all pooh-pooh you iPhone people, i don't need such a thing as that, i just need to be alone with my thoughts and my poetry, but now that I have one? Yeah. Best ever. There is a SF public transit app that I used to reassure all the worried British and Norwegian students at the streetcar stop that the car would be there in 2 minutes and that we would arrive at Alcatraz Landing at 8:56am. And they all looked at me as though I were the Goodness Fairy, which took the edge off later when the mentally ill woman on the streetcar started shouting prolonged obscenities at someone whose shoulder bag touched her.

Tour of Alcatraz island and Prison, which has a library!

Fairy Codmother fish and chips and fried Oreos. It felt so nice to have a cheery British person call me "my darling" as I ordered fried fish, you have no idea.

The Exploratorium in its new home on Pier 15.

Having it proven that my hands really are cold all the time. Proven by SCIENCE. And infrared cameras.

Seeing live baby chicken embryos and bursting into tears at the tiny little heartbeat. Ah, hormones...

Ferry Building Marketplace, where I bought all the things, including a wedge of Mt Tam triple-cream cheese from Cowgirl Creamery. They gave me a sample in the store and then stood quietly when my eyes closed and I had to take a moment. They must get that a lot.

Dinner and dessert in East Bay with Lady Steed and Kip. Dinner was stuffed Chicago-style pizza with mushrooms, spinach, and cheeses at Zachary's. And a spinach salad for folate.
Dessert was ice cream at Ici, which I loved and wanted to transport all my sisters and Mom to. The 11 flavors of the day were things like brown sugar graham cracker marshmallow (GH's pick) and candied Meyer lemon (my pick) and chocolate hazelnut praline and rose cardamom and I know not what. Plus the cones are homemade, with a plug of dark chocolate in the bottom to keep your ice cream from dripping through. Genius.

It was so great to see my friends. We met our freshman year of BYU when we were all on the same floor of Stover Hall, wearing overalls and being terrified of those marriage-hungry RMs we kept hearing tell of. Turns out we didn't need to worry--none of them were interested in us. Like, for a goooooood long while.
And now I've slept in a bit and am about to get up and see about that Mt Tam situation in the mini-fridge...

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Desmama said... [reply]

Ah, it looks like so much fun! I'm glad you're enjoying yourself and I hope you're not freezing.

Cathy Harrell said... [reply]

We need to put SF on our list of girl trips.

mj said... [reply]

Your freshman year at BYU sounds a lot like mine. I remember thinking I needed to have a contest--with myself, I guess?--to see how many days straight I could wear the same overalls. And then the baggy t-shirts. And the numerous button-downs from the men's section of Savers. And somehow I remained single to the age of 29.

Jenny said... [reply]

yes we do.

Audrey said... [reply]

That's it! Stover Hall! All these years I've been reading your blog and wondering why you looked so dang familiar to me! It was the picture of you and Lady Steed together that finally made it click! We were in the same hall... I lived on the 1200 floor. I was the only overalls-wearing outcast, as my floor was overrun with perky Southern Californians whose shiny YW medallions rested purposefully on their bosoms.

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