San Francisco Day 1

Ran into this Alaskan guy at the Salt Lake Airport. Weird . . . He will be in UT for the next week, so we will get to hang out.

Took the Bart to the hotel, then walked through Chinatown towards Fisherman's Wharf. Discovered that the Golden Gate Bakery with the egg tarts is closed for vacation. Almost threw a grief hissy right there.

Picked up City Passes, ate clam chowder from Chowders.

Aquarium of the Bay

Musee Mechanique

Ghirardelli Square, including hot fudge sundae

Old-school street car ride back to hotel, complete with drunk guy carrying open bottle of liquor and inviting college girls to come enjoy the view from his balcony. They declined. Smart girls.

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Cathy Harrell said... [reply]

Brings back such wonderful memories. Except the one where I had a mental breakdown at the thought of my babies walking across the Golden Gate bridge and getting blown into the bay. Something I could not abide.

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