Baby knitting

Fun fact: I can't knit during my first trimester. I start feeling gross, and the act of attempting to knit while feeling gross creates a full-on Pavlovian nausea aversion to knitting, yarn, you name it. So I have to set my projects aside somewhere between the 6-8 week mark and try again a few months down the road.

Now that I'm back in the groove, here's what I've been working on:

Welcome to the World newborn hat

This cotton number was for Missy W's baby girl, who is due to make her appearance at any moment. I gave it to her last week when we finally met In Real Life for some amazing buckwheat pancakes at Herm's Inn. We are actually kind of related (her brother-in-law married my sister-in-law, have fun figuring that out) and it seemed only right that we should meet up and talk about cool postpartum things like nipple ointment and Things the Nurses Will Stuff into Your Underwear. The Tiny Dark Lord was quite taken with Missy and with the whole breakfast adventure (they served him a huge "Mickey Mouse" pancake and he ate the entire thing and tried to go for my food as well).

Easy Peasy Leftover Sock Newborn Hat

Does this yarn look familiar? Am a little worried that this hat might not be tall enough. Will go measure and then rip it out back to the decreases to put on another inch or so if needed. I made another one with some other leftovers, and it looks like this one will be going to my sister Jen because she's having a girl!

See what I mean about the blue one being too small?

Kurbis baby hats

The pumpkin hats are for all my friends & sister who are having October babies. In fact, I need to get one more going. And then another, bigger one for the Dark Lord, who has decided that he is now interested in hats and would quite like one of these. Am sure this enthusiasm will last just long enough for me to make the thing.

And look who I finally finished, three years later!!!


TDL saw a picture of this elephant on my iPad (I have a PDF of the pattern on there) and got So. Very. Excited. Of course, he also gets So. Very. Excited about just about everything, but still. It was motivating enough to make me finish it and give it to him. Now he sleeps with the thing, which warms my cold black heart very much.

And here's another picture, just because:

Aaaand here are a few patterns waiting their turn in my Ravelry queue:

Cabled Baby Hats by Julie Hentz

Little Scallops by Maria Carlander

Little Coffee Bean Cardigan by Elizabeth Smith

Newborn Vertebrae by Kelly Brooker, knit & image by Lete


Rachael said... [reply]

Whoa, that is some productivity! I think I've knit one sweater for M, a hat and sweater for a new niece, and a blanket for this new baby in the entire nine months I've been pregnant. And the blanket was Purl Soho's Super Easy Baby Blanket - all garter stitch - so that hardly counts. I've got just under three weeks until my due date, so I'm going to try to whip out a little sweater and hat for her before she shows up.

brinestone said... [reply]

Elijah. Oh my word. Squee.

If I ever get back into knitting, my first stop will be your blog archives. I love every single pattern you link to and every single picture of a finished project you've done. Which is saying something because I don't like most of the knitting-related pins my Pinterest friends post. You have impeccable taste.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Rachael, you did a blanket??? That is a big project, my hat is off to you. I think what has helped me this time around is that I am faster, so my output is a bit better. When the Tiny Dark Lord was born the only thing I had finished was a hat, which I misplaced during a move and didn't find until after he was way too big to wear it. So . . . winner.

Brinestone, I'm so glad we have the same taste! Do you have a Ravelry account? That's where I love to go browsing for patterns and ideas.

Señora H-B said... [reply]

I am so seriously impressed. You are quite the knitter! You inspire me to knit (except that I am SO SLOW).

Missy W. said... [reply]

Thank you again for the lovely hat and the even lovelier company!

emandtrev said... [reply]

You are so very talented. Love each and every project.

And now I am craving Herm's. Maybe that should be our next stop. :)

Nemesis said... [reply]

Senora H-B, that's my problem too! I am just barely starting to speed up a tiny bit. But still, for me it's therapeutic, even if I'm crawling along.

Missy, the pleasure was mine and I'd love to do it again if you can put up with me!

Em, we do need to go there. Those pancakes were kind of a revelation.

Jenny said... [reply]

Yay for a sister who knits!!!!!

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