Embracing my destiny

I am not a scrapbooker. I did try to be, back in high school and then in college when I lived with fellow scrapbookers who inspired me to record my life with pictures, really expensive paper, and stickers. My pack-rat tendencies just looooooved the idea of scrapbooking. Tickets, receipts, scraps of fabric, out-and-out trash, oh yeah. Now there was a reason to hang on to those things. I was going to stick them into a book where they would be elevated to not only art but also to Personal History which would one day very much bless my family and give me righteousness points. ("A scrap of fabric from your prom dress, Mom? Now I feel way close to Jesus!")

Except . . . I became less of a pack rat. And I bought a digital camera. And I became less of a scrapbooker. I did not want to spend eighty bazillion dollars on paper and stickers, and I did not want to spend the time needed to actually put those things together. This is why I currently possess seven years' worth of digital photos that have never been printed, much less arranged in something I could actually show to people whom I have tied down onto my couch. I did buy a small photo album and slip some wedding pictures in it, two years after the wedding. Massive triumph, right there.

The thing is? You can run from your Mormon record-keeping, brag-book-creating, check-out-our-superfun-life heritage, but you can't hide. The addition of little Lord Voldemort has nudged away the final barrier and now OH MY GOSH I MUST RECORD HIS LIFE AND POSSIBLY MAKE CALENDARS FOR ALL THE GRANDPARENTS AND I KNOW NOT WHAT ELSE.


Luckily for me, Groupon is going to help me out today. Their deal is $10 for a hardcover, 20-page, 8 x 8 inch photo book from Shutterfly (normally priced around $30). I pick the photos and the layout and the text, they make the book and send it to me. I doubt I'll find an easier way to appease these strange stirrings within, so I'm going to give it a go and we'll see. If this endeavor agrees with me, then mayhaps I will do it again. Something like a yearly family book with pictures and highlights seems doable, right? If anyone out there has recommendations or good experiences to share about such things, share away!

Because come on. Stuff like this?

This needs to be in a book. If only so that there is proof that I finally finished knitting something for him. And also as a record that this onesie existed, because I'm pretty sure I will never be able to wash out the gallon of crap that currently resides in its fibers.


emandtrev said... [reply]

I can't get over how cute he is. Really. I bought the same Groupon! I am the same way as far as scrapbooking and digital photos. I had a different Shutterfly coupon recently and put together a book for our family for 2010. I loved the results and my girls think it is great to look at. I'll try to stay on top of this in the future (we'll see).

Stephanette said... [reply]

I'm just gonna say, "Ditto!"

I make one photo book and swap out pictures of each grandparent set (print the three copies) that I'm giving it to. Best Christmas presents EVER. Tears. The weepy voice. More great pictures for next year. Yep. You're on the right track.

Jen said... [reply]

I just use my blog as a digital scrapbook, minus all of the cutesy, crafty stuff. And then I don't tell anyone the address of the blog, because unless you are my parents, you likely don't want to know every cute/not so cute thing my kid has done or said in his life...
A few years ago I came across blogprint (and a few similar programs). Basically it turns blog posts (and accompanying pictures) into a book. You can select whatever posts you want (from as many blogs as you want), and you can add regular pictures/text too. It was more spendy than your sweet deal, but at least now my blackmail is in print form :)

Esther said... [reply]

I created a blog specifically to keep pictures and memories and then I have it published into a book every year using blub.com. It has worked out great and is way cheaper and easier than scrapbooking.

goddessdivine said... [reply]

My sister does those on-line scrapbooks. She really likes them. It can be rather time consuming to select the pictures and the layout; but at the same time you're not spreading paper, slicers, stickers, etc all over the floor.....and buying lots of double-sided tape!

Lindsey said... [reply]

Ah, welcome to the dark side. I was not a scrapbook girl either. Then, I was introduced to the world of Photoshop and digital scrapbooking and, well,here I am. An addict. The photo books you're looking at are a good compromise. You still get the cutesy memory thing and the great grandparent gift without completely succumbing to the urge and spending all the time designing the pages yourself.

Elsha said... [reply]

Adorable. Definitely belongs in a book.

Janalee said... [reply]

Here's a link to my blog post I did last week about this topic.


It was my first family album I published using Blurb for the reasons you mentioned. I talk about the how-longs, how-muches, how-to's. all that. pictures included.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Janalee, thanks! Everyone, her photo album looks pretty darn snazzy.

liesel said... [reply]

"A scrap of fabric from your prom dress, Mom? Now I feel way close to Jesus!" ROFLOL!!! So nice to find a kindred cynical spirit. I refuse to succumb to the scrapbooking madness.

Science Teacher Mommy said... [reply]

I made a blurb book for plantboy at christmas that turned out pretty much awesome. I might find ways to balance my scrapbook tendencies in the future. I'm so far behind that my three year old cries when the books come out because he isn't in any of them.

Lady Steed said... [reply]

We bought that groupon too! And I have made a few of those books and they are great, though it always takes me a very long time to make one book. Narrowing down what photos to use is hard when one takes way too many photos and they have very adorable and photogenic children, I know you will have the exact same problem. ;) You and the grandparents will love the book. I have friends that make such a book every year plus a dvd that includes the photos in the book and movies--I think this is a great gift and a perfect way to preserve all those memories.

Anonymous said... [reply]

nothing to do with this post-but The King's Speech will be re-released in PG-13 format on April 1. Hooray! Not opposed to the R-rated version, just haven't had a chance to see it yet. It reminded me of the discussion here back when you first announced it was being made. So-excited to see it someday and now my sister will come with me!

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