Rejoice with Me!

You know how you get sick and just let things get backed up and piled up while you focus on important things like not coughing up a lung and trying real hard to unblock your nose so you can actually taste the gas station Indian food you made people bring you? Yeah. You know.

Now I'm starting to feel better and it's time to do things like unload the dishwasher and maybe do some laundry. Have been trying to pass it off like I always leave TDL in his pajamas for 30 hours and what, haven't you heard that bedsheets + safety pins are the hot new pregnancy summer fashion?

At least there is one outcome of my illness for which I need not be ashamed. Behold:

Baby Sophisticate in squishy, delicious Malabrigo worsted. It came out at around the 3-6 month size. (You know, just like my newborns, rimshot!)

It still needs buttons and perhaps a binky shaped like a pipe. But still. My baby has a sweater!

Now I will go do laundry like a scullery drudge or similar.

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Science Teacher Mommy said... [reply]

"A binky shaped like a pipe." I am willing to speculate that such a phrase has never before been rendered. I love you.

Desmama said... [reply]

Aw, Nem, it's adorable! If you're not successful finding a binky-pipe, I'm going to search for something argyle to go with it.

Kelly said... [reply]

Well done! I made that one for my best friend's baby and if I ever have a son, he's getting one too.

Cathy Harrell said... [reply]

Just Loverly! Sorry his grandma isn't making those but thank haven for a talented mum!

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