Weekend highlights

Checking in with a few highlights from the last few days.

Hogle Zoo in the heat. This was at the giraffe exhibit, where one of the giraffes just stood there and licked the wall with its black tongue the entire time. Not sure what that was about.

Took this one just after changing a diaper on the grass like Quality.

Lunch at the Blue Plate Diner in Sugarhouse with friends. We worried that maybe we were not cool enough to be eating there, but everyone was very nice. I ordered their Eggs Benedict and oh, it was choice. They put a slice of really delicious tomato on there which quite worked for me.

Dinner and games in Ogden with friends, where we didn't even get mugged or initiated into a gang, followed by a night at the Holiday Inn Express. The Dark Lord likes high living.

Brunch at Roosters in Layton where we met up with Coolboy and Aubrey. TDL didn't eat the bread pudding French toast kids meal I bought him, so I had to eat it. On account of I have a Mother Heart.


Family fun at Moose Hollow in what turns out to be a beautiful and HUGE condo with three levels and loads of bathrooms and sitting rooms so people aren't all in each other's space all the time. We snagged a downstairs bedroom that has been perfect for sleeping in and nap times. It's almost like being in a different house.

The local sacrament meeting, where Henry dumped a sacramental water cup all over me and then when I grabbed a wipe to use on his hands he yelled loudly, "No booger! NO booger!!" Which meant there totally was one.

I've almost done an entire Baby Sophisticate sweater so far.

The pool today: was curious to see how TDL would react given his on-and-off again hatred of baths.

He was a fan, even after losing his balance and going under the water 2 minutes in (which I thought would for sure be a deal-breaker). The kid was so blissed out, just wanting me to float him through the water all afternoon.

(Note: the rash guard is not a modesty thing, which I think is a load of crap anyway. It's to cut down on sunblock application time and is also incredibly cute. Yay for Land's End clearance sales last year!)

Poor TDL would have stayed in the pool until the end if time but I couldn't. Not only could I feel my shoulders burning but my tankini top kept floating up like a parachute or similar and everyone got to see my blue-veined tummy with bonus turkey timer of a belly button. And then the entire complex was treated to TDL's extended howls of outrage and sorrow as I hauled him away.

Now he is napping and I am blogging, so wins all around!

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FoxyJ said... [reply]

I fully support your choice of rash-guard for your son. My little guy has worn a rash-guard his whole life because he has a dad that had skin cancer at age 27 and is super pasty white (thank you Nordic genes). The bonus of cutting down on sunscreen use is fabulous too.

Rachael said... [reply]

I had my last Aqua Zumba class last night and I TOTALLY get you on your tankini top floating up. It is impossible to keep those suckers where they belong. I'm sure the seventeen-year-old lifeguard really loves spending his evenings supervising a pool full of fleshy Italian women in their sixties and one super-preggo, super-pasty me jumping around like weirdos to such hits as "Proud Mary" and "a whole lot of songs featuring the word 'zumba'".

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