Flunking Sainthood $2.99 for Kindle


If anyone is interested, Flunking Sainthood by Jana Riess is $2.99 in the Amazon Kindle store until September 9th.

I like Jana Riess, and I liked her book. That is all.


Desmama said... [reply]

I really enjoyed this book too. It was funny and refreshingly honest, and I liked her conclusion that, in the end, endeavoring for any of the virtues she tried was really something to do with the support of a community. I realized that for as much of an introvert as I am, support from a group is needed if I'm going to embark on any journey toward sainthood. If I had a Kindle, I'd download this. As it is, I might buy it for my Nook or just a hard copy. I liked it THAT MUCH.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Desmama, you have an iPad, don't you? You could download it to your iPad and read it on the Kindle app. That's what I do!

Saskia said... [reply]

So sad my Amazon store shows it as six dollars. Not that that's a lot, but still.

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