"I have made fire!!!"

Okay. I didn't really. I made curtains, and Tom Hanks here expresses exactly my level of excitement and pride over that accomplishment.

I am not a sew-er. I bought my sister Spitfire's sewing machine in 2008 (she was upgrading) in the hopes that I would become one, and then I let it sit in the box for 5 years because I was scared to death of the thing. It had buttons and made beeping sounds, for crying out loud. Like I'm going to touch that. The need for curtains in the baby's room finally overrode my fear. (The bright afternoon/evening light might disturb the baby, and the sight of my topless staggering body in the night would surely disturb the neighbors.) I bought fabric, asked a crafty friend to come over and force me to get started, and, millions and millions of hours later, I have curtains--two sets for two windows:

It looks like navy blue, but it's not. It's dark grey, and the design on it started
looking like fruit flies exactly 2 minutes after the ladies in the store cut into it.
 But that does not matter now because CURTAINS!!!!!

Aaaaaaand now I can go ahead and have a baby. I couldn't before. The missing curtains loomed too large.

The nesting urge has actually been my friend for the last little bit. Because of nesting, the following long-needed tasks have been accomplished. (Note: some (okay, most) of these things had not been done since before we moved in over a year ago.)

Oven cleaned (GH did this)
Kitchen floor mopped
Stairs vacuumed
Carpets cleaned by professionals
Shower curtain liners washed
Kitchen cabinets reorganized
Massive 3-ton TV in storage room (left by previous occupants who couldn't move it) posted on KSL and taken away

I still have a huge long list of things I'd like to get done, but none of them are deal breakers like the curtains were.

Has anyone else done something that you'd like to get a bit of props for? Now's your time!


Science Teacher Mommy said... [reply]

Unfortunate that "sewer" (aka seamstress) and "sewer" (aka that stinky underground thing into which Jean ValJean takes a swim) are spelled the same. It really took me a minute to get my head around this post.

Jenny said... [reply]

Those curtains are amazing. I nest by shopping online and then begging my husband to do the actual nesting things that require physical effort for me. Fun times. I made a baby mobile and jam, both of which I regretted undertaking once I started. So high five to you.

Nemesis said... [reply]

STM, and when I read YOUR comment I totally thought you were talking about Jean-Claude Van Damme and was like, "Dang, does she watch a lot of USA or something?" We are both awesome.

Jenny, if I were in your place the mobile and jam probably would never have been finished. So my hat is off to you.

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