DIY Free Heart Banner

In an effort to stave off or at least minimize The Februaries, I am decorating for Valentine's Day. Here is what I made today:

Voice of Reason: DIY Heart Banner

Cute, right???

It only took a few minutes while the Dark Lord and I hung out on the living room floor in our pajamas. (It's a snow day, which in my language means "day where it's snowing so I think I'm just going to stay in my pajamas.") I made a large one for the living room's bay window, and a smaller one for the window over my kitchen sink.

Voice of Reason: DIY Heart Banner
sink full of filthy dishes not shown

Want to make one too? Of course you do. We should call this "Crafts for the Cheap, Lazy, and Unskilled" ("Me, me, me . . . ")


paper (construction, scrapbook, whatever)
scissors (not the fabric kind--turns out that's a bad choice)
Baker's Twine (or sewing thread, embroidery floss, dental floss, etc.)

Voice of Reason: DIY Heart Banner


Cut out lots of paper hearts using whichever method you learned in elementary school. 

Voice of Reason: DIY Heart Banner

Thread your needle, then pull your thread through the heart from front to back, and then from back to front. Going through the hearts twice is how you will keep them facing front nicely instead of twisting and spinning all around.

Voice of Reason: DIY Heart Banner

Voice of Reason: DIY Heart Banner

Now do a bunch more, get them adjusted the way you want them, and hang that puppy up! Then celebrate just how dang festive you are and maybe eat some chocolate.

Voice of Reason: DIY Heart Banner

Voice of Reason: DIY Heart Banner

The Dollar Store has been my friend this Valentine's season. I bought a wreath that may look ghetto in this picture but is actually pretty cute on the door.

Voice of Reason: Dollar Store Heart Wreath

Other Dollar Store finds:

window clings
treat bags
Valentines for the Dark Lord which feature jungle creatures imploring us to save the rain forests
red and white candles
glittery heart confetti
red candy

Voice of Reason: Valentine's Day Decorations

 This lovely display is what happened when I tried to find three red and/or romantic things in my house to group together. That's candy in the vase on the left, our wedding album on the right, and a Christmas ornament that didn't make it back into the Christmas bins in the middle. But it has a glittery Eiffel Tower inside, and what could be more romantic than that? The Dark Lord is a huge fan of the glitter confetti--that's his handiwork.

So now my house looks very Valentinesy. It also looks very messy, which might possibly negate the mental health benefits of my decorations. So. Going to go address that now, maybe.


Monica said... [reply]

You can't confess that your house is messy. It ruins the whole "my house is Pinterest perfect" vibe. (But seriously, cute decorations!)

Nemesis said... [reply]

Woops, blew my own cover. But thanks! Would love to have you over to sit in filth whenever you are free.

Cathy said... [reply]

Very cute - I'm so proud!!!!

emandtrev said... [reply]

So cute! I got a wake-up call last night when one of my girls asked if we have V-Day decorations and the eldest was like, "No, we don't."

Actually, we do. Only a few, but I am getting an F in the festive home decor category.

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