Update #5: The fruit of my loins

The super villains are doing fine. Please indulge me while I record a few things about them, since this is basically the only place I'll be doing that.

The No-Longer-Tiny Dark Lord

TDL and his great-Grammy

Jim Gaffigan says, "The person who came up with the term "terrible twos" must have felt really foolish after their kid turned three." TDL decided to skip the terrible twos and instead hit three with a vengeance. Let's just say there have been a lot of feelings. 

During Loki's 6-month check-up I asked the pediatrician what to do about TDL. He was having constant meltdowns and was cranky a lot of the time (thank you, nap, for abandoning me). Her response? "Preschool." Which is funny, because I used to think, "Why would I ever want to send my precious, precious baby to school? It's expensive and also I just want to keep him here with me and love him always." Yeah, this year killed that. Someone please take him so he can yell at you instead of me for a couple of hours. 

So. Preschool. I've got that locked down for fall. We start paying for it about the time we get to stop buying baby formula, so I will still feel like I'm coming out ahead!

I don't mean to make it out that he's terrible all the time, because he can actually be so incredibly sweet. When he's not being, you know, the other thing. And the meltdowns have gotten better too.

He loves numbers and letters and music. And in the last couple of months he started reading. So that's been fun. He still quivers and shakes when he gets excited. He started Sunbeams this year and loves it. Also he's kind of starting to have a sense of humor. It's just too bad it's the kind of humor that involves adding the word of "poop" to things. 

The first (and last) time TDL agreed to get in a cart with Loki
Still will have nothing to do with Loki. It's not that he is mean or tries to hurt him, he just doesn't see what the point of him is. He ignores him completely, and moves away if Loki gets close. A few weeks ago TDL kept opening the front door during a big rain storm and I finally went over to tell him to stop, only to find that he'd set Loki's bumpo seat and several of his baby books and toys out on the front porch. In the rain. Also he told his Primary teachers that he does not in fact have a baby brother.


I basically cannot even deal with how precious Loki is. He just turned 9 months old and is sitting up, scooting backwards, and cutting his two bottom teeth. He's been taking his time with the physical milestones--except for smiling and laughing. He had those down early. This boy is a little ray of angel sunshine. He loves everyone and everything.

There's actually not that much to report on him, other than that he's awesome. And if I'd known I could make such gorgeous babies I would have sold some eggs or something to put myself through college. I could have made millions.

 Millions, I tell you.


Science Teacher Mommy said... [reply]

Second babies are sublime, and there is nothing more perfect than a 9 month old baby (unless he/she is already walking). And age three is monstrous. Of course, when my oldest was 3 he got a brother and moved to another state and when my middle was three he got a brother and moved to another state . . . so maybe it isn't THREE so much as it is major life changes. My youngest, who neither got a sibling or moved when he was three, didn't really have that phase.

Nemesis said... [reply]

STM, I'm sure I didn't help things by inviting a baby brother to ruin his life, that's for sure.

Desmama said... [reply]

I can't even deal with Loki's perfection either. As soon as I go and have my last and final girl, you go and have the most perfect baby BOY imaginable. I shall dote over him forever.

Mrs. Clark said... [reply]

I always thought three was worse than two, too. Hang in there. Preschool can be awesome.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Desmama, you are totally his godmother!

Mrs. Clark, I'm holding out for 4 SO VERY HARD.

Kelly said... [reply]

Apparently Jason tried to kill Brandon repeatedly by whacking him on the head with heavy things so it could be worse, I supposed. I believe Sarah also has stories of older sibling jealous rage violence.

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