Holy dang, Sherlock

Are you guys watching Season 2 of Sherlock on Masterpiece? Did you watch Season 1? Because so help me if you are not then you are missing. out. Go repent and make restitution. You can catch Season 1 on Netflix or see if your library has it.

GH and I watched the three 90-minute episodes of Season 1 last year and both told everyone we knew about them--GH more than me, I think. Just think of everything that the Guy Ritchie/Robert Downey Jr. movies did wrong (hint: they were action movies instead of brilliant detectivey movies), fix all of it, multiply to the 10th power of better, set it in contemporary London, make Watson a blogger, and you've got it.

Things that are awesome about Sherlock:

This show has me, for the first time in life, finding Benedict Cumberbatch attractive. Like, by a lot. Must be to do with the hair. Or perhaps the general brilliance and also skills. Either way, he is perfect as Holmes.

I love Martin Freeman as Watson. He was great as Tim in The Office, is great in this, and he is going to be great in The Hobbit, along with my friend Richard Armitage who I feel certain will push previously understood limits of dwarf attractiveness (my prediction, you saw it here).

The guys all wear scarves. Oh, British men . . .

Rupert Graves plays Inspector Lestrade. I love me some Rupert Graves. Remember that one time when he was Freddie in A Room with a View? That was awesome.

Moriarty is one evil freak but so help me I was starting to dig him during the pool scene. That is how crazy good these people are.

We just watched Sunday night's episode (the season premiere) and man it was good. Loved all of the Sherlock Holmes/Irene Adler stuff. Loved, loved, loved.

Run, don't walk, friends!

Has anybody else seen Sunday night's episode? Any thoughts?


Doug said... [reply]

FREDDIE!!! I hadn't been able to place his face. Oh, Freddie!

Yes, I too luuuv Sherlock. I recently read the books and I'm amazed how familiar the stories are yet totally adapted for today. Quite clever.

Heather said... [reply]

Gahh! This is Heather, not a technological genius, who can't manage to changer user accounts. That scrumptious man is my husband, Doug.

Ana said... [reply]

Sherlock. is. AWE-SOME.

Can I tell you a secret? *pause for dramatic effect* I have not seen ANY of the Robert Downey Jr Sherlock movies. Should I avoid? Or will they just make me appreciate even MORE the impeccable British tv series? : )

Saskia said... [reply]

Oh, the BBC Sherlock is so incredible. B. and I have seen both seasons several times over and are breathlessly waiting for season 3. And then we saw the Robert Downey Jr. movie and about killed ourselves, it was so bad. You're right, they're absolutely perfect for their roles, and the way they make the series modern (cell phones!) without losing any authenticity is amazing.

Christina said... [reply]

We watched it last week (because yes, we believe in pirated online TV) and loved it. I actually didn't realize it was just airing here! Maybe we'll have to watch the legit version. I think the best part is Benedict Cumberbatch. He was made for the this part. We also haven't seen the movies... besides one time on an airplane, so thankfully the sound was muted.

Erin said... [reply]

Oh my goodness. This is seriously our most favorite series. My husband worked for an hour, making little adjustments, to make sure we'd be able to get a clear PBS signal (we live in the middle of nowhere and rely on an antenna for broadcast television-it is less than 100% reliable :-) ) on Sunday so we could watch it. LOVE.

Anna B said... [reply]

that's freddie??! i love that guy! so crazy. look at all the things i learn on your blog.

love this sherlock series (tho, to give a shout out, i also really love the robert downey/jude law versions too)

Anna B said... [reply]

*also and too in that final parenthetical. redundant? or sneakily correct?

AmandaStretch said... [reply]

Saw it, loved it, converted my suitor, which means I'll get to rewatch Season 1 - darn!

Science Teacher Mommy said... [reply]

Love this show. And I think Benedict Cumberbatch is the most awesome British-y name ever.

First episode season 2 was a bit risque, but you know the acting and writing is remarkable when I found myself rooting for the manipulative, S & M girl. Talk about tension.

And maybe its because I grew up in the 1980's when he was young and, you know, not a felon, but I think Robert Downey Jr. is adorable too. A totally different Holmes, but a fun vision nevertheless.

Nemesis said... [reply]

STM, I love RDJ too, but I never really bought him as Holmes because 1) I always felt very aware that I was watching Robert Downey Jr doing his thing, albeit with an English accent, and 2) (which is really the writers' fault) we didn't get to spend hardly any time seeing HOW he figured things out and how his brain worked. Really like how this new series pays a lot of attention to that.

Megan said... [reply]

I haven't watched much (any? I'm not sure) of the second season of Sherlock-- but I LOVED the first! Also, Benedict Cumberbatch is just fun to say. (Try it, go on.)

Erik A. said... [reply]

We love the Sherlock series here too. We've been waiting for Season 2 to begin. I'm disappointed that there are only 3 episodes. How long must we wait for season 3 to begin?

I also highly recommend the BBC version of Great Expectations. I had low expectations thinking that it would be boring. I'm thinking Room with a View and Pride and Prejudice type of boring. (I think I just wrote my own death sentence with comments like that on your blog). It was much different and improved over what my expectations were.

Kelly said... [reply]


Also, Freddie!!!

(I wish you and Sarah lived nearby so we could all get together and watch stuff and have book groups and things.)

We've actually seen the second season already thanks to Jason's nefarious internet ways. I go by a strict don't ask, don't tell policy if it lets me see British shows early. I won't say anything except to tell you it's fantastic and as soon as the last episode finished I was champing at the bit for Season 3.

Scully said... [reply]

Um, so there is a recording/You Tube video of Benedict Cumberbatch reciting Ode to a Nightingale. I suggest you find it post-haste. And last time I check, Sherlock season one was streaming on Netflix and PBS has the first ep of season two streaming til June. In case you, like me, enjoy watching BC & his company of pretty British men on a regular basis.

Saxon said... [reply]

If you think the start was good wait until you see the finale.

People are still talking about it!

And I'm not going to say anything else otherwise it will spoil it for you.

Although I'm sure it will provoke a blog post of it's very own :-)

Banana said... [reply]

Moriarty is truely magnificently evil - but if you think he's bad now - just you wait!!!!! :-)

Lady Susan said... [reply]

The little one finally fell asleep early enough last night that I could watch this. The brilliance of this series astounds me. Love Sherlock. Love Watson. Love Lestrade. (And thank you for reminding me he was Freddy. "How do you do. Do you want to go for a bathe?")

Of course, I feel geriatric because I want to turn on the closed captioning. There are lines that I am missing and I *know* they are clever.

Saxon said... [reply]


a uk newspaper is reporting eight minutes of footage were cut from the 1st episode of season 2.

Their claiming parts of the scene at the palace were cut as well as a scene in a taxi straight after.

Is this true? As I remember they teported cuts to downton abby previously and got that totally wrong :-)

Cooldad said... [reply]

Okay...I know I should know better by now, but based on your glowing recommendation, your mother and I watched the new episode of Sherlock Sunday evening. We kept looking at each other as to ask ourselves, "What is so good about this show?" I thought the true low point was the whole scene of his "thought palace." I'll stick with Leverage, a much better show.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Ugh. DAD. You watched the weakest episode! You've got Netflix, you should check out the pilot!

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