PBS Kids Giveaway and Dinosaur Train at Hogle Zoo!

Behold, my very first giveaway, and it's to do with public television! That's all the warm feelings, right there.

You all know how much I love me some Sumptuous Literary Adaptations, and PBS is basically my SLA dealer. It brings good things to my life, like Sherlock. It's what I watch when I'm up in the night feeding babies (Downton Abbey Season 1 with the Tiny Dark Lord, The Paradise Season 1 with Loki). Did you know they even have apps that let you watch stuff? Best. Ever. 

And then I learned about PBS Kids, which is basically how the Tiny Dark Lord coped with me ruining his life (ie., creating a sibling). During those rough first weeks months after Loki arrived he just wanted to watch Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, over and over and over again.

proof of the Daniel Tiger love

TDL goes through phases now of loving Daniel TigerCurious George, Dinosaur Train, and Peg + Cat. I must say the Peg + Cat is my least favorite. Yes, it helped him learn to count by twos and stuff, but it also taught him to say things like, "OMG" and "I am toootally fuh-reaking out!!" Anyone else out there feeling me on that one?

Dinosaur Train, though, I really like. (Alternate title: "Hey, grownups. Everything you learned about dinosaurs as a kid is wrong, neener!")

Now we come to the point. This Friday, August 8th, KUED Kids (the local PBS Kids affiliate) will be at the Hogle Zoo for a "Dinosaur Train Classic in the Jurassic" event from 10:00am to 1:00pm. There will be hands-on activities and crafts, obstacle courses, educational goodies to take home, a mobile educational lab where you can try the new Dinosaur Train app, and a sneak peak of the new Dinosaur Train Classic in the Jurassic special (airing on August 18th). So if Hogle Zoo is still on your Summer Bucket List (or if you're looking for an excuse to go back) this would be a great day!

If you print this ad from their website you can get $1 off your Hogle Zoo entrance fees. Or you could stop by a Les Schwab Tire Center and grab a couple of their Hogle Zoo "Buy 1 Adult Ticket, get a Kid Ticket Free" coupons.

So, here's where the giveaway comes in. The good people at KUED are sending me a box of goodies to give to some lucky blog reader!

We've got books, pencils, stickers, a photo holder, and temporary tattoos! Your dinosaur fan will approve. And then will want to rush out and get a real tattoo because apparently that is what temporary tattoos do. Or something. To enter the giveaway, go ahead and leave a comment by 11:59 pm MST on Thursday August 7th. I'll randomly select one winner and announce it here on Friday (and I'll get in touch with you if you include your contact email in your entry).

For extra entries, here are a few other fun and personally fulfilling things you can do. You get one extra entry for each thing, just leave a comment telling me what you did!

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On Thursday night we are seeing the Paul McCartney concert in SLC, so it's going to be a late night. If I can drag my sleepy carcass back down to Salt Lake on Friday morning I might see you at the zoo!

TM and © The Jim Henson Company. All Rights Reserved

Disclaimer: KUED Kids contacted me about this event and offered goodies to give away, plus a couple of extra stickers for the Tiny Dark Lord.


Cherie said... [reply]

Ooh...we love Dinosaur Train AND the zoo! What a great combo.

Kayla Moncur said... [reply]

My kids would LOVE this. We're big Dinosaur Train fans. Wish we were a little closer and could do the zoo day though!

Bookmobile Shawn said... [reply]

My girls love Dinosaur Train, and pretty much all the other shows you mentioned. My three-year-old girl, in fact, is so into Daniel Tiger that I became the favorite parent for at least three days when I brought home little Daniel Tiger and Miss Elaina dolls after my absence at ULA. Also, I've recently gotten the five-year-old to stop telling us that she's "toootally freeeeaking out" but she's now begun to overuse the word "literally." The first time I heard her, I was like, "NO" and then I warned her that abuse of that word can and will lead to being disowned. At least the eight-year-old only occasionally misuses "ironic" but he just stares at me in bewilderment when I call him Alanis.

Unknown said... [reply]

Liked, liked, liked, and shared! Please let our dino lovin' boy win!

Brittney said... [reply]

My little girl loves dinosaur train, and changes her mind about which kind of Dino she is going to be for Halloween every five minutes. hopefully that firms up before I actually finish sewing the costume.
She also enjoys peg+cat, and it makes me happy that the show is about a little girl and her cat and math. She hasn't actually repeated anything except ditties about numbers from the show, so that helps. I did almost ban Daniel Tiger when she started talking like Catarina and saying "meow meow" between every word. Fortunately that stopped before I clawed my own ears out.

Kara Burns said... [reply]

I liked Kued kids on Facebook!

Kara Burns said... [reply]

We love dinosaur train and all the shows on PBS!!! Love hogle zoo!

liesel said... [reply]

liked thrice! We need to make it out to the zoo soon. My 3 year old has been wanting to for a while... And he loves dinosaur train too, so perhaps I will jump on the perfect combo opportunity. Perhaps being the operative word here. :)

Kristen said... [reply]

Two Things:

My baby turns THREE on the day of the Hogle Zoo event and it's her absolute favorite show. It's destiny.

I already follow all the extra entry pages :)

I am sharing on facebook!


Dove Ann said... [reply]

I personally love Dinosaur train! and perhaps even more then my three kids. I think its one of those things you secretly love having kids for, because now you have an excuse to do or watch what you want and not be embarrassed to admit "I watch cartoons (sing, dance, etc).... because I have three kids...". But I do agree with you, peg+cat isn't my favorite. Anyways, my five year old boy is so excited to go on Friday, we just renewed our Hogle Zoo membership and we practically live there, especially now that they have a splash pad (another thing I love to do and now have an excuse to do, love being a parent)

Unknown said... [reply]

My daughter loves The Dinosaur Train. She has learned a lot from it. She has a great love of dinosaurs. We just went to the Museum of Ancient Life today for the first time and she loved it!

CAW said... [reply]

We love Dinosaur Train. I just recently discovered PBS. I can't believe what I was missing!

Bebe McGooch said... [reply]

Fun stuff! I guess I should start letting my kid watch the Dinosaur Train. :)

amber said... [reply]

Loooove Dinosaur Train. All three of my kids would adore those goodies.
Liked on facebook x 3!

Kara Burns said... [reply]

I liked Kued of Facebook.

Kara Burns said... [reply]

I likes hogle zoo on Facebook.

JeffreyThompso said... [reply]

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James Whatt said... [reply]

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