Declaration of Independence

Last year the Beautiful and Talented Abby got me started on my now-favorite 4th of July tradition. She sent me to NPRs website, where you can listen to their yearly broadcast of the Declaration of Independence being read aloud.

I listened on my headphones at work, and by the end I was wiping my eyes and sniffling at my desk. I'd never heard the entire text before, and it hit me with a lot more force than I'd felt when I memorized the first paragraph back in the 8th grade.

I can't find the 2005 edition on their website yet, but you can get the 2004 one here. (Click on the Multimediat Slide Show.)

Now I'm off to check out the Provo Freedom Festival and to have a picnic at my sister's house. Am very excited about the menu:

Sub sandwiches (possibly Philly cheese steaks in honor of the day and everything)
Pasta salad
Sour Cream & Cheddar Ruffles dipped in cottage cheese (daltongirl's famous recipe, which everyone should try)
Trifle w/strawberries and blueberries
My cute niece Savannah (more as entertainment, though, than actual menu item)

Then tonight we will watch the Provo Stadium of Fire fireworks from her backyard, instead of having to pay obsene amounts of cash to watch the likes of Lonestar, Mandy Moore, and Osmond 2G for 6 hours inside the stadium.

Hope y'all have great weekends!


daltongirl said... [reply]

I'm so very touched that you credit me with the cottage cheese and chips recipe (oh, so yummy!). You have given me the affirmation I needed to get through another week.

Am praying for Savannah that no one actually mistook her for a menu item. That would be . . . disastrous.

Miss Hass said... [reply]


CoolBoyH said... [reply]

Sister, thought you might be interested in this, being he's your boyfriend and everything.


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