Happy 2007

I'm not going to make any specific set-in-stone-type resolutions, because I always fail at them. But there are some things I want to be working on.

1. I want to excercise. Much as I dislike exertion and the accompanying sweat and purple-facedness, I feel better when I'm in somewhat in shape. Also, I have been blessed with good health and a body that works, so I'm probably bringing bad karma on myself by not actively taking better care of it.

2. I want to eat better. I admire people like Lady J who use all kinds of local produce and my sister who makes nearly everything from scratch. Now that I'm going to be in my own place without the crazy traveling work schedule I used to have, there's really no excuse for me to be eating rubbish all the time like a college student. It turns out that my soon-to-be new roommates get their milk delivered fresh from Winder Farms, so yay for steps in the right direction!

3. I want to buy less. Remember that shopping binge I went on recently where I bought all the soaps and stuff? Funny thing about that: I never felt satisfied. The more I bought, the more I noticed and the more I wanted. I've been reading some of the articles written about The Compact, that group of people who pledged not to buy anything new (aside from food and necessities) for a year. I don't think I can necessarily go that far, but I think there are a lot of things I don't really need, or that I could find used rather than new.

4. I want to start that novel. I thought about what I've accomplished so far in my 20s and I've done so many great things--things I had no idea at 18 that I'd get to do. Being a published author, though, would be pretty much the coolest thing ever. Any ideas on what it should be about? Once I'm a successful novelist the only things left to do will be to star in a major motion picture, marry Ioan Gruffudd, and buy a stone cottage in Derbyshire. I'll be set.


Desmama said... [reply]

Sans the novel-writing one (given the raging popularity of my blog), those resolutions sound like great ones for me as well. Yay for new beginnings!

chosha said... [reply]

Number 2 should be a snap - didn't you just get a bajillion cookbooks for Christmas? And in Jamie's 'Fifteen' restaurants they use fresh, organic meat and produce.

amyjane said... [reply]

Ooh...good goals. Good luck with that cardiovascular pattern.

Scully said... [reply]

Maybe we should start a novel-writing club or something to keep us on task. I have seven pages and an incomplete outline of a novel written, I just need more motivation! And could we time share that Derbyshire cottage? When you and Ioan are traveling for his work, I could totally cottage-sit for you.

kristen said... [reply]

Great goals; I myself will be working along side you with #1 and #2.

Dude--you could write a novel, sell the rights to turn it into a major motion picture, star in it, Ioan Gruffudd could be your co-star (co-stars tend to fall in love) and you'd make enough money to buy that stone cottage. The possibilities are endless!

The McCulloch Family said... [reply]

I love Winder Dairy chocolate milk. Not that I would ever actually buy chocolate milk, but still.

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