Moving day

Today I have English chocolate.

Remember WR? He flew out here for Christmas to see Goldilocks, on account of they're dating. Hah! Betchall never saw THAT one coming! And now I finally get to Out them. Mwah-hah-hahahah.

Anyway, he emailed to ask if there was anything I wanted from the Motherland, which, hi, of course there was. I didn't get to meet up with them while he was here on account of I'm a scatterbrained flake who kept getting sick, but last night I went over to the lovely Goldie's and picked up a bag which contained:

my pretty soft blue sweater from H&M that I left behind without realizing how much I was going to miss it later

a big bar of Honey I Washed the Kids soap from Lush. You've heard me talk about this soap.

a bag of Thornton's Continental chocolate

My cup, she runneth over. Three hearty English "Huzzahs" for WR. I especially need the chocolate because I'm driving up to L**** today to begin my adventures as a real-live honest-to-goodness spinster librarian. I have waited so long for this day.

I start on Wednesday. And if anyone was thinking that a really funny thing to do would be to turn up at my place of employment and shout something like, "Hey, aren't you that girl who talks about her dried-out ovaries on the Internet?" then you'd best rethink that. Do keep in mind that as a librarian I will quite likely have access to all your personal information. If I don't, I can get it. Quiet greetings will, however, be most welcome and appreciated--especially if you use some kind of code word, because code words are cool.

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Anonymous said... [reply]

I can come up with a better line than that. But you will have to wait until Friday to hear it since I don't get back till then. Or I can be persuaded to use the password of your chosing. I think I need to come in and experience the spinster librarian part of you. Congratualations on the job and have fun moving.

kristen said... [reply]

Good luck with the new job, new city, etc.

Glad I got to hang with you last night, and reminisce (sp?) about some good old times.......

BTW--who is Goldilocks?

foodie said... [reply]

It is kind of a creepy thought that you can access all of our personal information. Remind me to never REALLY tick you off k?

Have fun moving up to the land of freezing off your dried out ovaries! We'll see ya when the ice melts!

Nemesis said... [reply]

Anon, who are you? Have we met before in real life? Either way, looking forward to seeing you. Unless you're an axe-murderer, of course.

Kristen, Goldilocks is my friend who studied in England last year. She's American too (from UT) and we went to Gran Canaria & to see Wicked together.

Foodie, your identity is safe with me. :-)

jaime said... [reply]

Ohhhh...good luck, Nem, on starting that librarian job. I am excited for you! I only wish I could have seen you before you left town to move north to the land where you freeze everything off. Please let me know when you get back in town...and try to come with us to Park City in a couple weeks. :)

Desmama said... [reply]

I'm totally going to say something awful and embarrassing. Just you wait.

Tiffany said... [reply]

Your link to Thornton's is broken, I'm afraid. You might want to reenter it.

Saxon said... [reply]

you know if you'd said WR was coming over to see Goldilocks, I would have sent some more english choclate over with him as well

Kristeee said... [reply]

Yay for European chocolate!

Good luck with the new job and starting your real spinster life - are your roommates okay with cats?

The Divine Miss A said... [reply]

Congratulations and good luck at spinster librarianhood. I hope that you have fun in L-Land it sounds like an adventure. (Right now, most new things sound like an adventure.) Keep us updated on your new adventures.

Jimmy said... [reply]

Lady, you write a great blog! Congratulations on the new job, and enjoy the chocolate if there is any left.

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