British Man Candy, continued

A couple of weeks ago I watched Under the Greenwood Tree. You remember I'd been worried about this one since it was written by Thomas Hardy. I didn't want to watch some movie where the bodies of disenchanted, disenfranchised villagers get piled up under the greenwood tree. (Side note: during a Study Abroad we went to Thomas Hardy's house in the countryside and I wondered how anyone who lived in such a beautiful place could write such depressing things. But it turns out that he can do light romantic comedy as well, so that's something.)

The movie is relatively short at 90 minutes and it's more a sweet story about village life & intrigues than grand big passions. The pretty schoolteacher moves into town and three men fall for her. That's about as complicated as it gets. But there's lots of fun local flavor. Also, there's this one part where the hero is shirtless, which, like, never happens in these movies! So that was kind of awesome if only for the novelty of the thing.

Anyway, moving on.

Ever since watching North & South I've had a thing for Richard Armitage. So when I found out he's in the BBC's new series "Robin Hood" I ordered it for the library. And then took it home. Because that is what is called perks, madame. Anyway. Armitage plays the broody bad Guy of Gisborne. And ohhhhh, does he play him well.

It's just too bad that he isn't in a better show. It's pretty cheesy, and the actual Robin Hood kind of bugs me. A lot. He looks like he belongs in a boy band rather than in Sherwood Forest, and he's way too "Oh look how cute and cheeky and smirky I am with my 12-year old self!" You know it's bad when you wish that Robin could just die already so that the evil Guy can drag Marian off into the woods.


Scully said... [reply]

I just finished North & South, and your info on Robin Hood being on DVD just made my day. Off to Netflix! Oh and the PBS Mystery! airing of the Miss Marple series, while totally and completely deviating from everything she wrote but the title, is still fun AND Mr. Armitage is supposedly in the episode airing Aug. 19th. I'll keep you posted.

Desmama said... [reply]

We read Jude the Obscure (?) by Thomas Hardy when I was at BYU. It traumatized me. That's all.

lilcis said... [reply]

"You know it's bad when you wish that Robin could just die already so that the evil Guy can drag Marian off into the woods."

You're so dirty.

Azúcar said... [reply]

I was super disappointed in Robin Hood.

Scully said... [reply]

I forgot to add that I dislike Thomas Hardy intensely and have since I was forced to read Jude the Obscure in 10th grade. Tess of the D'Urbervilles did not change my mind. Also, I was too tall for Thomas Hardy's house, so I chalked his depressing writing up to claustrophobia. And judging from that picture, I would gladly be dragged of into the woods by evil Guy.

abby said... [reply]

I saw Under the Greenwood Tree and was upset that it wasn't all sad and depressing like other Hardy movies. Hardy is made to be that way. What's with this happiness stuff? If you haven't checked out the BBC version of Tess of D'Ubervilles, I highly recommend it. Tess has the all time creepiest line.

Jenny said... [reply]

I think it was interesting that Mr Thornton had scruff but then this amazing looking skin. It even looks like he's wearing blush. Kindof defeated the whole purpose of the scruff in my opinion.

blackjazz said... [reply]

I didn't see all the Robin Hood series when it was on TV, but I found that Robin grows on you. I see what you mean about the boy band thing, but give him a chance. I'm afraid I'm not qualified to comment on Guy's looks, but the best part IMHO is the Sheriff of Nottingham. He's so deliciously evil I couldn't help laughing.

Carly said... [reply]

I loved North and South and have just added Robin Hood to my blockbuster list, thanks!

Also, after your list of period movies to watch, I too rented "Greenwood Tree" and I, as well as the big bunch of girls I watched it with, LOVED the shirtless part... yummy. Also, the washing of the hands made us giggly. That actress was also in "Wives and Daughters" another great period movie and by the same author as "N&S". I was surprised to find I liked the movie, since I have never liked Thomas Hardy.

Did I mention that my senior seminar course at BYU was purely Thomas Hardy? I didn't finish one of the books that sememster (yeah, there were 8 assigned), such a shame. The teacher was great, which is mainly why I took the class. I thought his love of the subject would transfer onto me, but no luck! It was wishful thinking after visiting all the sites with him on London Study Abroad.

Anonymous said... [reply]

The dumbest Robin Hood yet was Kevin Costner. We were rooting for the Sheriff of Nottingham in that one too. We like Alan Rickman. A lot!


yola said... [reply]

You need to watch Richard Armitage in the Vicar of Dibley finale: yum. ;)
RA on YouTube

Nemesis said... [reply]

Scully, please do keep me in the loop on that one!

Desmama, I know. I read it my senior year in high school. Our teacher told us that everything we'd learned up to that point in the year was to "prepare us to read Jude." She was a fabulous teacher, but never again. And then I saw the movie in a Lit & Film class at BYU and it was the most depressing thing ever. The music, however, was lovely and I can still remember how it went.

Why thank you, lilcis! :-)

Azucar, I can believe it. I've passed the DVDs on to another Armitage-loving staff member (I've gotten them all hooked on North & South--one of the pages has it this weekend). But when she's done I'm going to give the rest of the season a go and see how I feel.

Scully, you and me both (about the dragging off into the woods). Remember how someone stepped in poo outside Hardy's house and tracked it onto the coach? That was nasty.

You make me laugh, Abby. I saw the older Polanski version of Tess but not the new one starring Justine Waddell. Will have to get on that. I just did some reading and it looks like "Greenwood Tree" was one of his first novels so maybe he hadn't fully let the demons out yet or something . . .

Whatever Jen, he's still way hot.

Blackjazz, I absolutely agree about the Sheriff! It's like he just can't even be bothered to take Robin seriously. I kind of loved him.

Hee! Carly, I'm so glad you liked it! I saw Wives & Daughters a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it.

Yep. In our family we recognize the greatness that is Alan Rickman.

Okay, yola, at your recommendation I've watched a couple of clips and Hoo Boy. Am now off to watch some more! Thanks!

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