My year in cities

Found this little meme online and decided to give it a go. Just to twist the knife I did 2006 as well. You list all the cities where you stayed at least one night. I'm cheating and listing towns, because sometimes I just felt like staying in a town/campsite/darling farmhouse on the moors where I can beat the windows and bellow for Cathy to come haunt me. Which is my right.


Provo, UT
Loughborough, UK
Leicester, UK
Newchapel, Surrey, England
Castleton, Derbyshire, UK
Keswick, Cumbria, UK
Hawnby, North Yorkshire, UK
Maspalomas, Canary Islands, Spain
Prague, Czech Republic
Preston, UK
Eagle River, AK

Aaaaand then we have this.

L****, UT
Alexandria, VA
Port Orchard, WA
Cedar City, UT


2007? Kinda sucked. It's a really good thing that Alexandria, Port Orchard, and Cedar City are on that list, since that's probably all that kept me from just wandering out into a poop-smelling cow pasture during a snowstorm and letting the elements take me. Really, really need to make sure that 2008 is better. I've got Hawaii on the list now but not much else. I think a lineup like this would be pretty good:

Honolulu, HI
Poipu, HI
Cedar City, UT
Eagle River, AK (when coolboy comes home from his mission in July)
Dubrovnik, Croatia
Santorini, Greece
London, UK
Paris, France

Really. Is that too much to ask?

If anyone wants to put their 2007 list up in the comments section please feel free! Or, if thinking about your 2007 makes you want to sob loudly at your desk, not that I know anyone like that, your desired 2008 list would be great too. I could use some more ideas.


Jenny said... [reply]

My list isn't super exciting, seeing as all the places I went I had toddlers in tow.

Eagle River, AK
Logan, UT
Sparks, NV
San Francisco, CA
Fort Bragg, CA
Port Orchard, WA
Portland, OR

AmandaStretch said... [reply]


Oakton, VA
Corolla, NC
Orem, UT
Nashville, TN
Rockville, MD
Lingfield, UK
Paris, France

2008 (Projected)

Oakton, VA
Ft. Bragg, NC (likely not happening anymore, but we'll see)
Orlando, FL
Corolla, NC
New York City, NY
Orem, UT

Not too shabby, really.

j said... [reply]

Salt Lake City, UT
San Antonio, TX
Palo Alto, CA
Munich, Germany
Hall in Tyrol, Austria
Summit County, UT
Chicago, IL
Grantsville, UT

For 2008, I for sure know I'll be in New York for a few days. Beyond that I'm not sure I can predict this year.

Desmama said... [reply]

Walnut Creek, CA
McLean, VA
Williamsburg, VA
Bethesda, MD
Fruit Heights, UT

Good enough. We had enough busyness on the homefront in '07 that I'm surprised we made it to this many places.

Janssen said... [reply]

I pleased my list is this awesome for 2007:

Provo, Utah
Austin, TX
Houston, TX
San Antonio, TX
Las Vegas, NV
Los Angelos, CA
Durango, CO
Oklahoma City, OK
Washington D.C.
Baltimore, MD
Burlington, VT
Concord, MA
Salem, MA
Boston, MA
Lexington, MA
Beaver, UT

Science Teacher Mommy said... [reply]

I'm going back to '05; that was my last decent year:

Houston, TX
San Antonio, TX
Ogden, UT
Highland, UT
El Paso, TX
Carlsbad, NM
Pheonix, AZ
Jacob's Lake, AZ
Logan, UT
Parker, CO

And my passport expired that year with only one stamp in it . . . I vowed that such a thing would NOT happen. And then, life happened. I still halfway wish Plantboy and I would have toured the Pacific with the nest egg that went for a house instead.

Science Teacher Mommy said... [reply]

PS Tell me about the book announced as the Caldecott winner yesterday? The librarians interviewed on NPR were practically . . . well. . . orgasmic about their praise.

cooldad said... [reply]

Nassau, St. Thomas, St Maarten, Daytona Beach, Orlando, Coco Beach, New York City, Clarksville, TN, Alaska (Anchorage, Eagle River, Seward, Keani, Palmer, Bethel, Juneau, Nome, and Kotzebue)

Anonymous said... [reply]

Link to bellowing for Cathy explanation no worky. =(

Mad Hadder said... [reply]

Ewing, NJ
Alexandria, VA
Gatlinburg, TN
Asheville, NC
Munich, Germany
Salzburg, Austria
Interlachen, Switz.
Lauterbrunner, Switz.
Grindelwald, Switz.
Genoa, Italy
Corniglia, Italy
Innsbruck, Austria
Denver, CO
Jackson, WY

Denver, Co
Ewing, NJ
California, MD

And 2008
Stonington, ME
Boston, MA
Denver, CO
Las Vegas, NV
Los Angeles, CA
San Jose, CA
Gilroy, CA
Portland, OR

Nemesis said... [reply]

Anon, it should be working now--thanks for the heads up!

STM, the big fuss about this year's Caldecott winner is that it's a novel (fat one, too) rather than a picture book. Which is possibly the first time this has ever happened. It's this massive book with tons and tons of charcoal/pencil illustrations. Really inventive-looking, although I haven't read it yet. And I think a lot of librarians were less than impressed with last year's pick and felt like the committee was playing it safe. So this year's will maybe make up for that, I guess.

TOWR said... [reply]

Mine is much more pathetic than yours:

West Valley City, Utah
West Jordan, Utah
Ashton, Idaho
Montréal, Québec

Told you mine was more pathetic.

Jon Boy said... [reply]

My list is pretty pathetic:

Salt Lake City, UT
Arvada, CO
Scottsbluff, NE
Rawlins, WY

I don't think 2008 is going to be any better.

Saxon said... [reply]

I notice Loughborough Uk isn't on your list. So you'd come to the Uk and visit London but not come and visit us hey?

Was it something we said? :)

Nemesis said... [reply]

Jen, you still went more places than I did, so . . .

Also? To anyone out there who is the parent of a small child, there is no way I will think you are pathetic for not traveling more. Because traveling with kids is SO not the same thing. I do understand this. Which is why I need to do all my traveling now, while it's still possible to have drunken flings with hot Grecian waiters.

Amanda, why would you have been going to Ft. Bragg? I used to live at Pope AFB. Which . . . yeah.

J., way to get me all jealous of your Europe trip AGAIN. :-)

Desmama, yeah. You've had a really busy year. Plus, if you weren't here then where would I possibly go for movies with glazed donuts and apple cider?

Janssen, yeah. I'm jealous of all those cool MA places. Need to get those on my list.

Nemesis said... [reply]

STM, I know what you mean. But I bet you did the right thing!

Ugh, Daa-aad! Way to rub it in. You left out Provo, though. Which means Jen is probably going to cut you.

Mad Hadder, sounds like 2006 was pretty much The Year for both of us. Your 2008 is shaping up nicely, though!

Towr, I don't know. You did get to leave the country--AND got to go to a non-English speaking place. Of course, I suppose I could always count Tremonton. OOOOOH! That's right, Cache Valley, I SAID IT.

Jon Boy, the "having small children attached to one" rule counts in your case, I think.

Yes, Saxon. We're fighting, didn't you know? :-) I actually couldn't pick which green, lovely Midlands place I want to spend the night in so I just left it out for now.

jeri said... [reply]

I'm with Jenny on this one. However, toddlers in tow, we visited the following places in 2007.

Park City, UT
Moab, UT
St. George, UT
Price, UT (bleh)
Vail, CO
Bear Lake, UT
Anaheim, CA (Disneyland)

Miss Hass said... [reply]


St. Louis, MO
Bloomington, IN
Costa Mesa, CA
Irvine, CA
Albuquerque, NM
Dallas, TX
Leon, Spain
Toledo, Spain
Madrid, Spain
Chicago, IL
Little Rock, AR
Lafayette, IN
Tulsa, OK

Suzanne Bubnash said... [reply]

Beaverton, OR
Boise, ID
Salt Lake, UT
Phoenix, AZ
Chicago, IL (O'Hare--don't ask)
Amman, Jordan
Damascus, Syria
Jerusalem Old City
Rexburg, ID
Riverside, CA
Tucson, AZ

Looking ahead in 08
Malibu, CA
Perryopolis, PA (hope)
Salt Lake City, UT
Rexburg, ID
Brattleboro, VT (hope)
Tucson, AZ (hope)

Jon Boy said... [reply]

We didn't travel much even before the small child was attached. I think our 2006 list would be the same (except we'd have Orem instead of Scottsbluff). I'm okay with that, though. Oh, and I forgot to put Tucson on the 2007 list.

KimberlyKV said... [reply]

Great idea!

Las Vegas, NV
Dallas, TX (times three)
Provo, UT
San Diego, CA
New York, NY
Lubbock, TX (home)

I just listed the big(ger) cities. I'm very excited about 2008. In March I'm going to Taiwan and Hong for 10 days with my entire family and my lover. Can't wait.

kip said... [reply]

Moscow, Russia
Perm, Russia
Boston, MA
Orem, UT
Spanish Fork, UT
Buffalo, NY
Tbilisi, Georgia
Frederick, MD
W. Hyannisport, MA
Providence, RI
Bangalore, India
Udaipur, India
Jaipur, India

I'll totally go to Croatia with you in 2008. It's been on my list for a long, long time.

Eva said... [reply]

Houston, TX
Manhattan, NY
OshKosh, WI
Dallas, TX
Durant, OK
Frankfurt, Germany
Sofia, Bulgaria
San Fransisco, CA

ok, so Germany is kind of cheating since that was a result of a missed plane, buuuuut it makes me feel better since the replacement ticket cost me dearly.

Jimmy said... [reply]

Man, you really got around a lot more than I do! I have to start getting busy.

I may even try the meme when I have more than 1 city to list!

Science Teacher Mommy said... [reply]

Oh, and as an aside to a post from several days back, another waxy chested baby daddy has bitten the dust:


And honestly, you know the coolest people. I can only think of a single person I actually (as opposed to virtually) know who has left the country in the past decade in a non-mission sense.

AmandaStretch said... [reply]

I was originally planning to go down to Ft. Bragg this weekend to visit an old friend, but he was JUST transferred there, so his schedule is totally up in the air. I'm not making the drive if he's going to be busy the whole time. So, probably not this weekend, but perhaps another. I guess that still means it's on my projected list.

I also technically visited Canada for the first time this year, but airport layovers only kind of count.

MBC said... [reply]


Knoxville, TN
San Francisco, CA
Logan, UT
Delta, UT
Salt Lake City, UT
Cedar City, UT
Atlanta, GA
Hilton Head, SC
London, UK

Going to DC in April to see a certain dreamy actor from the Shakespearean Festival perform. Er, I mean, to visit friends.

Going to ALA in Anaheim in June. Will you be there?

I BETTER be going somewhere international, but I'm not sure what the fates have in store yet.

Lady Steed said... [reply]

Berkeley, CA totally could have been on your 2007 list, you had an invitation.

As for my travels,um, let me think...

yeah didn't go anywhere.


Idaho, maybe.


Saxon said... [reply]

No I didn't, but then again no one tells me anything :- )

Would explain why I never got a response to any of the emails I sent you :-)

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