So much for YOUR good vibes

You may remember that I had a job interview just before I left for Hawaii.

I didn't get the job.

I did learn however that I was in the Top 2. Which I think is respectable. I figure if you can't win then you should at least make the winner work really hard for it. Or maybe do something bad to the winner. Something which takes them out of commission in a really public and horrible way. Did I ever mention the time Eliot Spitzer crossed me? Yeah . . . just sayin'.

Did I also mention that BYU-Hawaii is hiring? Because it is. That would be awesome.


Anonymous said... [reply]

You didn't get it because it's not the right place for you. It might have looked like the right place, but HF knows better. And if this amazing job seemed just ALL THAT and a packet of crisps, think of how amazing the one you're meant for will be? Your next career move will come with grace, and you will be as big a blessing to them as they are to you.

Anonymous said... [reply]

what anon #1 said... AND I think you should go for the public humiliation towards the winner of the job.. that or move to Hawaii...

BEFore said... [reply]

Congrats on #2, but too bad about #1. =(

In the end though, I find that enjoying my job has less to do with job title and pay than what I do, and my attitude doing it.

Hope you can still enjoy yours!

MBC said... [reply]

Booo! I think I have a crowbar if you want to borrow it and go the Tonya Harding route.

Hannah said... [reply]

Hey...I have a pretty good connection at BYU Hawaii...

Natalie said... [reply]

Ohhh. I am sorry. In my little mind, I was thinking that the interview was in my neck of the woods, and that you would get the job and then we could be best friends! And you could buy a cute condo in my neighborhood and come over after work and we'd have so much fun! I could make cookies!

So, really, it may be a blessing in disguise that you didn't get it, because I sound a little scary and stalkery.

So, you really dodged a bullet there, huh?

Hope I made you feel better.

Audra said... [reply]

Go for Hawaii... mmm... that sounds like a nice place to live. You can take up hoola-ing and you can get a job at the Polenisian Cultural center... you can tell them you are an albino polenisian!

I agree... it is good to know you were in the top 2. I hope they lost sleep in agony wondering whether to hire you or the other ;)!

Science Teacher Mommy said... [reply]

I tried out for a play in high school. After three call backs and a week of wondering, my drama teacher said to me, "If it had been 8 brides for 8 brothers . . . "

I didn't feel very comforted.

What are they hring for?

lilcis said... [reply]

Hawaii is a great place to visit, but you should think seriously before you decide to move there. My little sister attended BYU-H for a year, and got serious cabin-fever. And she's the super outdoorsy type!

I think for her part of the problem was that she was a biology major, and couldn't get past the uncleanliness of island living. They way she put it was "even the nicest houses in Hawaii still have cockroaches."

Kelly said... [reply]

So sorry about the job.

But I think you should move to Hawaii. That's a much better place for you, me and Sarah to meet up than Utah.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Thanks, anon. I actually wasn't heartbroken even though the job would have been a short-term solution to some things. I'm sure there must be a better long-term opportunity out there!

Anon #2, thank you! Am leaning towards both . . . ;-)

Thanks, Before. Your words are true and right, of course.

MBC, I laugh every time I think of Tonya Harding, I swear. Remember when she skated to the music from Jurassic Park and it only took like .002 seconds before someone started with the T-Rex jokes?

Hannah, Yeah you do. If your connections could swing anything for me then I'd pretty much be your slave.

Natalie, I'd take a cookie-baking stalker any day. As long as it were you, of course.

Audra, bwah hahah! I would love to learn me some of those Tahitian Dance moves . . .

STM, BYU-H is looking for a serials librarian and a library instruction librarian. So neither are like, smack down my alley, but I could possibly adapt some of my prior experience, yaddah to fit.

Lilcis, I do hear you. When I was there I wondered about whether living there and dealing with real-life stuff would kill some of the buzz. Dunno.

'sokay, Kelly. But thanks for the sympathy. For that you get to sleep on my couch in Hawaii. :-)

FoxyJ said... [reply]

Man, I would love to live in Hawaii. And if we weren't moving to Davis I'd totally encourage my husband to apply there. He grew up there and there is the good and bad to it. It's a beautiful place and there are lots of cool things to do. The people are great, the weather is fabulous, and BYUH is a fun school (several of his sisters went there). BYUH has tons of international students, so that makes it a cool, diverse place. On the other hand, Hawaii is freaking expensive. Also the schools are somewhat poor and literacy/education is not a big priority for many people. You probably will get some grief for being white, although there are a fair amount of white people in Laie and the North Shore area. I think you should apply for the job and see what happens... It could be a lot of fun :)

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