Conversation about the VP nomination

Me: So we'll either have a President who's 90 years old and will likely drop dead from the stress . . .

GH: . . . or our first black President, who will be the target of assassination attempts.

They should really be considering that when they pick their VPs, I think.


Okay, but do you really think Obama will be at a higher risk for assassination? People hate Bush, but no one has tried to kill him.

No, liberals hate Bush. Liberals aren't as dangerous as conservatives.

True, liberals don't stockpile weapons.

Right. If liberals hate someone they go make a movie about it.

"I'll show you, I'm gonna make a documentary!"

"Or protest anthem!"

It's the conservatives who go git their guns.


Science Teacher Mommy said... [reply]

Plantboy's brother called from Denver to say that they actually arrested two skinheads on their way to the convention with a truck full of weapons.

And you are right about the liberals--that Al Gore can be pretty intimidating when he gets pointing at his pie charts.

jeremy said... [reply]

Interesting thought, now that you mention it, they don't really talk about an assassin's political affiliation on TV do they?

Coila said... [reply]

Everybody famous has people who are trying to (or at least want to) kill them. I think that's just one of the joys of being famous.

cooldad said... [reply]

It should be noted that the protestors outside the Rupublican National Convention tonight turned violent, destroyed property, and attacked police. Hmm...must be those meek liberals exercising thier free speech rights.

jeri said... [reply]

Hahaha, love the comment from cooldad. That's really all I had to say. I'll go back to polishing my gun.

Cicada said... [reply]

No conversation about the actual VP nominees, though? Because I might have something to say on the subject.

Anyway, If Obama had chosen Hillary, I think that he'd have had more to fear from the Clintons than the Republicans. Just saying...

blackjazz said... [reply]

Sarah Palin's judgement seems to be a major issue. Apparently she called her sons Track and Trig, and her daughters Bristol, Willow and Piper.

The worst one is, of course, Bristol. What was she thinking???

I'm fairly liberal, but I think I want to assassinate her if only improve the global gene pool...

Dave said... [reply]

I'm getting a stimulus check for 1200 bucks in a few days, courtesy of Mrs Palin. I may go buy a concealable handgun in her honor.

Palin rocks.

chosha said... [reply]

It's kind of shocking to think that people who claim to support democracy and 'American Way' could ignore the vote of the people and just gun someone down to get their way. And in some ways not surprising at all.

I hope the man gets elected and I hope security around him is tight.

abby said... [reply]

I've know people with the names Piper and Willow so I know they are real names. I just think it's funny that McCain picked Tina Fey to be his VP.

Audra & Levi said... [reply]

Hahaha! Tina Fey... now I know where I had seen her before! Yeah, I live in the south... I know what you mean. Nuf said!

I would love to hear what you think of The VP representing Alaska!

cooldad said... [reply]

A perspective from one who lives in AK.

My sister lives in Florida. She wanted to know what I thought of Sarah Palin. Here is what I told her:

She is from Wasilla which is just north of us. It is a small town. she was involved in its politics and was also mayor for a term. She came to the state level when former senator Murkowski selected her to sit on a commission related to oil and gas. There were some other of Murkowski's political cronies on the board and at some point she raised the BS flag that there was some less than ethical activity going on. Murkowski tried to squash her and she push back, hard. She resigned from the commission and ran against Murkowski on the republican ticket for governor. She thrashed him in the primary and beat out a popular former governor to become our current gov. She is a social conservative, meaning pro-life, sanctity of marriage and all that. She is cutting government spending and has lived up to her word. Alaska has line item veto and she has warn out her red pen slicing out pork the legislators had padded in the annual budget. She is big on ethical reform and has taken a number of people to task and fired them for the appearance of evil. She is what she appears to be on the surface, no hidden agendas, no political backroom deals, and all the stuff that you typically assume in politicians. She really is a hockey mom that decided to get involved in her local community that has risen thru the ranks because she is smart and people find her easy to talk with and she does what she says she'll do.

Having said that...do I think she is ready to be president? Heck no, from the stand point of national/international politics and foreign affairs she is a novice. Would she be a good VP? Whatever VPs do, I guess so. As I said, she is a small town girl that has risen rapidly to the national stage. But she does have smarts, talks straight, and learns quick. She is nobody's dummy.

EdgyK said... [reply]

That was enjoyable to read. Thank you. I also just finished reading The Book Theif. I loved it.

Peter said... [reply]

George W. Bush has been the target of at least two assassination attempts, though neither came close to killing him.

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