Just so I don't forget by next year

Because this was my first Christmas as a Smug Married, it was also the first Christmas of Juggling Between Families. I think on the whole everything went fine and we had great times with everyone, but as with any pilot program, we now have an idea of things that will need tweaking in the years to come.

So. Valuable Lessons Which Must Be Remembered and Recorded to Inform Future Planning.

#1. Driving back and forth multiple times between P*** and L*** and SLC during snowstorm week = not good. We probably both need deep-tissue massages after all the white-knuckle driving, and I probably need electroshock therapy to deal with the bit where we drove through the barren wasteland of Tremonton at 1:00am Christmas morning in white-out conditions where we could not even see the road for 20 miles and I kept screaming "Slow down slow down slow down my GOSH is that a ravine? Is that a FLIPPING ravine????? WE'RE GONNA DIIIIIIIEEEEEEEE!!!" (Come to think of it, GH may need some therapy to get over that bit as well.)

#2. It is fabulous to be a beloved auntie on both sides, and I'm so very glad that my Precii love GH so much, but next year I'll be wearing some form of sports padding. Nephews and nieces are precious, but deadly. Between all of the climbing and flopping and elbows and knees and feet at both houses, I'm pretty sure both GH and I are now sterile.

#3. Flemings Steak House is most excellent and you could cut their filet mignon with a fork. Le sigh. Also my parents are awesome for taking us there.

#4. Even though Christmas is this romantic thing with the lights and the snow and the presents, a week of house-guesting and air-matressing it is not actually conducive to Sexytime. That is all you need know.

#5. Have forgotten how to eat normal meals like a normal person. Only know how to operate on graze/stuff mode. Feel incredibly bloated and icky and yet cannot stop myself when I see treats. I attack like a rabid forest creature.

#6. It's not fun to clog the toilet at your m-in-law's house. Luckily she's cool though and had this INSANE plunger that I must go buy immediately for myself so that I don't have to keep calling the apartment maintenance staff to come deal with my poop. (I did give them Christmas cookies the last time they were over, though. So that's something.)

#7 Handmade and "experience" gifts are the best, I've decided (except for boots, of course). That was the rule for my sibling gift exchange, and it was so much fun to see what people came up with. Spitfire got me a gift certificate for my favorite hair stylist and a jar of our friends' honey. Coolboy made chocolate-covered pretzels for GH and got him a movie gift card. I knitted a cap for Ed and got him a Polaroid print from Etsy. My sister-in-law Valli made pajama pants for Spitfire. For Savvy and Ethan's present, we're going to take them out on a date (probably to the Dinosaur Museum), and we're doing the same for GH's nephew. GH got me several beautiful, lovely things from Etsy. All kinds o' fun.

#8 How pleasant it is to have one's house to one's self again. What is less pleasant is when said house is trashed because you've only been home in the last week long enough to dump off presents from one family and grab a change of clothes before heading to another family.

#9 GH is easy to shop for in that he has a list of books and DVDs he wants (and will probably cry if he doesn't get, Dark Knight), but I tried to include a few surprises, like PB Twix bars and this t-shirt to go in the bag with his Dr. Horrible's Singalong Blog DVD.

Awesome, huh?

#10. GH and I could probably have spent less on each other, considering how generous our parents and brothers and sisters were. Will be trimming that budget next year--don't tell him, though. Shhhhhhh.


C. said... [reply]

Amen #4! Of course, this is our 4th Christmas together and we still find ourselves voluntarily traveling to stay with family for two weeks at a time... but we have already decided that no matter what, we are staying home next year!

C. said... [reply]

I should also add that various factors played into choosing to stay home next year. Not just our still-active hormones.

LibPhoto said... [reply]

LOL! #6; WAY too much information! I think I speak for most of us when I say I am glad no pictures were posted...

EmAndTrev said... [reply]

I started to mentally note the things I was going to agree to, but then realized I was pretty much nodding the whole time I read this post. I *especially* agree with graze mode and desperately need to get out. :)

Happy New Year!

Shawn said... [reply]

I'm thinking #5 and #6 most likely have some correlation, if not outright causation. Congrats on making it through!

goddessdivine said... [reply]

I had to go buy Dark Knight for myself because I didn't get it for Christmas; but it was on sale!

Glad you had a nice Christmas!

HAH said... [reply]

My SIL introduced me to Dr Horrible while I was home for the holidays. LOVED IT!

Science Teacher Mommy said... [reply]

And NEVER throw kids in the mix. Also, do you have a label for "Too Much Information." Just wondering. I'm kind of thinking that "poop" should never be in a post unless you are talking about children. Or maybe a pet.

Audra and Levi said... [reply]

A week before the wedding Levi had to unclog a toilet at his parents house for me over Christmas. I was used to Virginia toilets that when you flushed used way too much water because we southerners could care less about the environment (jk), so the eco-friendly uses 2 cups of water to flush Cali toilets ALWAYS got clogged, so Levi was a pro, but I was mortified and expecting him to call off the wedding then and there now that he discovered his wife-to-be actually... pooped! The horror!

Loved the post! I have been there... expect it included flying across the country. So now I have a "NO CRAZY CHRISTMASES" rule that seems to work out!

Love the post BTW! Oh the momories!

Nemesis said... [reply]

C., whatever, now we know all about you and your raging hormones. ;-) But yeah, I support you in your staying home plans.

And to all the dear friends who cannot believe I just made them read the word of "poop," it's just a sign of how far I feel we've come in our relationship. I can't promise it won't happen again.

EmandTrev, I don't know how to help get you out of the grazing mode. I CAN'T EVEN HELP MYSELF, sob . . .

Shawn, yeah, I'm thinking you're right. Plus with traveling and not being in your own bathroom and I'll just stop there.

Glad you did too, GoddessDivine! And I'm glad that so many of us got to spend the holidays watching the most depressing movie of the year. (Brilliant, mind you, but depressing.)

HAH, isn't it so funny? That Neil Patrick Harris . . . I'd forgotten all about the "you are not my nemesis" line until I was on the t-shirt site.

shelbs said... [reply]

Deep tissue massage? I can help you there! It is $39 for a one hour massage, any modality. We also offer Couples Rooms ;)
(Ha. I work at Massage Envy.)

The closest would be at Fashion Place and the number is: 801.281.3689, although I can assure you the one in Draper is the best 801.495.4280 ;)

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