Can you keep it down, there are children trying to scream here!

A woman came in today looking for a certain parenting book, and I have to say that it's not a minute. too. soon. This is judging from the way her offspring bellowed and climbed and fought and screamed the entire time they were in here, while she ensconced herself in what appeared to be a cocoon of obliviousness.

Everyone is coming in to pick up holds and get DVDs for the long weekend and audiobooks for the long car rides. I myself am very excited to hit the road tomorrow and let the weekend of merriment and feasting begin. In the last few weeks I've been trying to eat better (read: less) and so my pants have gotten slighty looser just in time for that new-found space to be filled with pumpkin pie and yams and turkey-and-brie sandwiches. I am nothing if not a planner.

Good Thanksgiving updates:

The venue is being moved away from the potentially-smelly gym and into Grammy's house. Which means that we will all be very cozy and I will possibly not be able to bend my elbows and will instead ask the person across the table to please feed me.

I've been asked to bring a green vegetable and have decided on 101 Cookbooks' Golden-Crusted Brussels Sprouts--if you've never liked brussels sprouts, or if you've never tried them, this is the way to do it, I promise you. I'm going to up the ante though by adding crumbled bacon. Aw yeah.

The day after Thanksgiving, instead of participating in the Black Friday madness, I'll be knitting, eating, and choosing a hot spring to go soak my bloated carcass in. Doesn't that sound wonderful?

What are you most looking forward to this weekend?


goddessdivine said... [reply]

Time off from students. And, black Friday. I love the madness of it all.

Missy W. said... [reply]

a four day weekend. Sleeping in.

beckyww said... [reply]

We're going to Fiesta Texas tomorrow night for Holiday in the Park. We love it. I'm a dork.

Yankee Girl said... [reply]

Happy Thanksgiving! Christmas movie marathon on Black Friday.

kip said... [reply]

Brussel sprouts has always been a staple at our Thanksgiving. Will have to try your recipe!

emandtrev said... [reply]

I promise I read your whole post word-for-word, but your comment about brie made me think that you just might love concoction my MIL made. It was a brie wheel with carmelized onions on top, and then it was baked to perfection. She served it up as an appetizer before the Thanksgiving meal and I'm pretty sure I hit my calorie allotment for the day well before the turkey was served. :)

I hope you had (or are having) a great weekend!

Mrs. Clark said... [reply]

My former boss once made a baked brie with brown sugar and pecans on the top. Oh my goodness.

And the brussels sprouts recipe sounds great. I ought to try it. I loved them as a kid, bathed in butter, but they have seemed really bitter when I've bought them in the last 20 years, so they've never been a staple here. Do you use fresh ones?

And I'm sad about the boots, but the other ones are terrific too. Don't think of it as schizophrenic--think of it as your tastes changing. Maturing, if you will. Becoming more professional. And 'way hotter.

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