The week in which I started showing

At first I thought I was starting to look pregnant, then I realized this was probably just The Week in Which I Really Need to Poop. For Real. I'm Serious.

And then I realized that hey, sometimes it gets to be both! And this week is one of those times. Because you can definitely tell now that something is going on there. (And, probably, also that something else isn't. I am looking at you, bowels.)

I think I can perhaps tell more than other people, though. On account of it now feels like someone is trying to make some room for himself (or herself) down there. All of my organs and muscles and ligaments feels like they're getting elbowed out of the way and smushed into new spots. This does not feel pleasant, I can tell you.

Also, also??? There is the nerve thing. Nobody told me about the nerve thing. But nerves are getting elbowed around too, which result in feelings. Like one time when I was walking at the gym (and yes, it was just the one time, sorry gym) and I suddenly felt a zap of something so strong that I had to look down to be sure that there was not, in fact, an overzealous and deranged police officer lying in wait with a taser. Now that I've brought this symptom up with a few pregnancy graduates, they have made me understand that it's all going to get much, much worse. So, yeah. Looking forward to that.

Am also looking forward, though, to the part where in 3 weeks I will find out what I'm having (crossing fingers for human, of course). GH is excited too, because the day after our appointment is the day he gets to see Sir Paul. Priorities, dontcha know . . .


jeri said... [reply]

This is also The Week In Which You Should Post a Picture

Sherry said... [reply]

We are the same amount along and whatnot. But based on what I just read, I feel like this one of us is not really pregnant at all. Besides the similar bowel symptom. There is that. But there is no showing. And there is no weird nerve-age. Maybe I'm not really pregnant after all.

Or maybe I'm the one with a non-human inside of me.

Señora H-B said... [reply]

I agree with jeri. Pictures!

Desmama said... [reply]

Yeah, I remember walking along and feeling like my leg just kind of gave out--whee! It required a real quick grab of the wall. Gotta love those hormones that relax the joints, etc.

Yankee Girl said... [reply]


Ana said... [reply]

I have 3 boys - I had severe pains from nerves but not till my last child and not till after I was over all the sickness - pretty much the last month or so of the pregnancy. It was PRETTY made - like a REALLY intense, neverending contraction - apparently the babe was bouncing on a nerve or something like that. OUCH.

The Atomic Mom said... [reply]

You might get sciatica from time to time -- at least I did. Sit on an ice bag. As for your bowels not moving, this is very common in pregnancy. Stop taking prenatal vitamins and switch to a Flintstone or similar child vitamin. It's the iron that makes you constipated. But then remember to eat iron rich foods along with Vitamin C. C helps iron absorbtion and iron from food sources is easier for the pregnant body to handle. Then, take a stool softener like Colace, or generic equvaltent, at night before you go to bed or with your dinner. Remember to drink lots of water though. Water helps the colace work right. I promise it will help.

And there you go, advice from a total stranger and pregnancy graduate. Good luck.

April said... [reply]

Speaking of feelings, just wait until you're sobbing hysterically, for no reason, and your husband is looking at you like, "what the...what am I supposed to do about this?"

Good times. Pregnancy is magical, no?

I mean, it really is, but still.

jeri said... [reply]

Maybe it's a boy. I had crazy nerve pain with my son and none with my daughter.

mj said... [reply]

Oh yes, sciatica, how I have NOT missed you. On the not-really-positive-but-we-can-pretend-it's-positive side, if you get it a lot near the end you get so used to it that you can actually keep walking (in a kind of frenetic drug-addicted homeless person way). If you're lucky you may get it alternating with knife-like head butts to the bladder and cervix from your little cutie pie. Aaaaah. Men have no idea.

And yeah, yeah, yeah, it's all worth it.

Audra said... [reply]

It might help you poop of your husband would read Dr. Seuss to you... I recommend Sneeches on the Beaches. I am so sorry I was every your roommate!

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