Any Human FART, more like

Sorry I urged everyone to watch Any Human Heart. I saw the first episode and don't think I'll bother with the rest. It maybe should have been called, I'm a Selfish Jerk Who Makes Stupid Choices and Then Feels Picked on, Also All My Friends are A$$holes.



Breanne said... [reply]


abby said... [reply]

I was totally wondering why this got a TV14 rating when I heard the first sentence of the show. Depsite the fact the main character was hot, it was totally smut and not like the cleaner smut of Downton Abbey.

Camille said... [reply]

I couldn't agree more.

Courtney said... [reply]

I know!

springrose said... [reply]

You crack me up!!! I was so excited to watch it, especially since you suggested it, so I knew it would be good. Then I sat down with my Hubby and we both were like UM is this something we really want to watch? I mean what was the point, other than showing people doing THAT on the screen! We both decided to turn it off when there was one to many sex scenes. But I will still keep coming back for more of your movie updates and suggestions. YOu are nomally right on! We will just blame it on the lack of blood.
I even watched the Colin Firth movie with Jessica Beal in it. Loved it. You can't go wrong with Colin Firth!!!

Heather Rigby said... [reply]

Agree. Such a let down.

Odessa said... [reply]

Yes, I was also disappointed. We're given a hero that treats women as disposable commodities and just drifts from project to project, not making many actual decisions.
I don't think I'll be watching part two, even if Hemingway is there again (I do have a soft spot for him).

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